Turn Up Your Success Biochemistry In 2 min!

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As we know, our emotions and behavior is tightly connected with our biochemistry. When we are stressed, the body produces Cortisol, Adrenaline and other chemicals which help us react to the situations. It prepares our muscles, our cardio-vascular system and respiratory system to “fight or flight”. And vice versa – when we feel excited, happy, and powerful, our system produces different “happy” hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin, etc.

These facts are nothing new. So far the biology and physiology scientists considered that these processes are a one-way street – our body reacts to the external environment and our experience (good or bad) affects our biochemistry.

Does that mean that we merely react to the situations? Can we control our biochemistry? Can we set our own mood, preferably in a short period of time?

Scientists say we can!

By conducting numerous behavioral tests, they made an important discovery – by merely changing our posture, we change our biochemistry! We can empower ourselves, change our mood, and change our mindset in just 2 minutes! These postures were called power poses. Remember Superman, or Wonder Woman? It turns out that if we stand like this for just a couple of minutes, we change our physiology! We become more optimistic, we feel more capable, energized, and enthusiastic!

How to boost your success biochemistry?

Why not try it out right now?  Take notice of your current posture and how you feel right now. Now stand up with your feet open at about shoulder level, straighten your back, put your hands on your waist, squeeze the shoulder blades and open the chest, look straight ahead. Stay like this for at least 2 minutes. Now notice how you feel! Any changes? What were you thinking about? Did you notice any negative or dis-empowering thoughts such as “I am such a loser!”, “I won’t succeed!”? Try to hold such negative self-talk while holding this posture. Does it work?

standing like a superhero can boost your biochemistry

Superman – perfect example of a power pose!

On the other side of the coin, think about how we (most people) sit, what is our main posture. We usually crouch, hunch, lock our arms in a closed position, and cross our legs. This is especially relevant in stressful situations and it is absolutely normal. But what signals do we send to our brain? What chemicals and hormones do our bodies produce? How do we feel and react in such cases?

Let’s picture an example scenario – imagine you are about to have a job interview. Most people (like me 😀 ) are extremely nervous in situations like this. You feel as if you are being put to a test, assessed, and evaluated. Subsequently, our bodies take a closed posture and the cycle continues. What the job interviewers will probably see will be a stressed insecure person. And we wouldn’t like this to happen! If we want to quickly shift our energy, boost our confidence and radiate more positivism and power, we could use these Superman poses. Just 2 minutes are enough to change your aura significantly, scientists say.

Try this every day or at least before important events, when you want to look and feel successful and confident. This could be half of the way towards your goal! Easy-peasy!


Image source: HystericalMark
Featured image source: Helgi Halldórsson


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