Priming the Brain

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Are you looking for an extremely easy (and lazy) way to focus your brain and make it work for you? I know you are! Me, too! (Maybe I should have named the article “Manifesting for couch potatoes”, but I chose to be more sophisticated!). As the Bible says: “Look and you shall find!”. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t looking! I just let the answers come to me, but this is another topic of discussion.

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What I found out is that our brain could be a super powerful computer we can program in our favor. Let’s say you want to buy a car. And you are considering buying a certain model. From that moment on you start seeing this type of vehicle all around you. It is not that these cars didn’t exit before, but you gave your brain a focus and it started to give you the data related to the topic. The same goes with watching the news or reading a newspaper. Nowadays the news is mostly negative – full with crimes, deaths, cataclysms, wars and poverty. If you have the habit of starting your day with the morning TV shows or reading the newspaper, it is likely that you have focused your brain on the negative events of life. Next, you go on with your day already feeling frustrated that the world is getting worse and worse. And next thing you know, you see only the negative events and situations all around you! It does not mean that there are no positive things happening. But you have already given the brain a negative focus and it starts to register more and more of the same.

How to use it consciously?
The good news is that we can use this ability in our favor. We can consciously prime our brain for success or a certain goal we have. If you have any interest in Feng Shui, you may know that one of the basic rules of this ancient system is to surround yourself with items that make you feel good. For me, this is pure brain priming. If you put certain objects in your visual field that make you feel comfortable, secure, cozy etc. you give the brain a positive focus. So, in other words, prime your brain with visual stimuli that you perceive as signs for prosperity, success, love, happiness (whatever you wish to have more in your life).
This is especially beneficial if these brain priming tools are in your visual field most of the time during the day. So, for example, if you spend most of the day at work, try to put an item related to your goal on your desk.
Sometimes it is not possible to change our work or home environment, or we feel anxious to show our goals to other people. In this case, it is safe to just write a single word or a phrase and remember to look at it as many times a day as you can. In a later post I will tell you a true story how to manifest with this easy technique.

Dress for success
Dress for the job you want, not the one that you have.”

dress for successWe have all heard it many times, but what does it really mean? It means to imagine what it would feel like working a particular job or having a particular lifestyle and to absorb this feeling. Remember all spiritual teachers talking about matching the vibration of your goals. Clothing is not just something we put on to keep us warn, it could be a very powerful tool we can use to bring ourselves closer to our dreams. Have you noticed how you feel walking around in your PJs or in your tracksuit as compared with wearing an elegant dress or a tux? And have you noticed how other people perceive you in these clothes? This is just another kind of brain priming. We give the brain visual and tactile (the sense from the fabrics) signals which produce a certain feeling and sensation in our bodies. Therefore it is also very important to choose clothing that is not only with high quality but comfortable as well. It is no coincidence that there is an expression “to feel like a million bucks”. You can hear a lot of people describing how their consciousness shifts towards prosperity and success once they start wearing more elegant and luxurious clothes. If it is still impossible to afford more expensive garments, we can still prime our brain by wearing neat, clean and ironed (ugh, I hate ironing!) clothes. Pay attention to any holes, rips, frayed fabrics etc. anything that says “Poor me!” or “I cannot show up like this in front of people!”. That last sentence especially applies for stay-at-home people.
To summarize, pay attention to your environment – which items make you feel good and which annoy you? How would you like to feel during the day? What visual symbols represent your goals and visions and think of ways to incorporate those symbols into your everyday life!
Have fun!

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