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Metabolism-Boosting Vegan Chocolate Recipe

Metabolism-Boosting Vegan Chocolate Recipe   Although we are half-way through summer, I know some people are still working hard on their bodies trying to look their best at the beach. And there is nothing wrong with that – there is no right or wrong time to start taking care of your physique and well-being! The Read more about Metabolism-Boosting Vegan Chocolate Recipe[…]

3 Healthy Desserts with Bulgarian Yogurt

Healthy Desserts with Bulgarian Yogurt Previously, we have explored all the wonderful health benefits of Bulgarian yogurt and how to prepare it easily at home! Now let’s see what we can cook with this delicious goodness! Remember that real homemade yogurt without any artificial substances can last in the fridge for a few days. So, Read more about 3 Healthy Desserts with Bulgarian Yogurt[…]

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Three Herbs for Faster Metabolism

Three Herbs for Faster Metabolism Slow metabolism is such a pain in the butt. Even with a healthy diet, if body’s metabolism is sluggish, we gain weight. Or at least that annoying extra weight just refuses to disappear. Thank God there are natural and easy ways to help our bodies absorb nutrients and energy properly! Read more about Three Herbs for Faster Metabolism[…]