What is 10th House Lord in Fourth House in Astrology?

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What is 10th House Lord in Fourth House in Astrology Mean? (Tenth House Ruler in 4th House)?


Today we continue to dissect the meaning of the lord of the tenth astrological house in the other houses of the natal chart. For more information, you can read the previous posts here => First House | Second House | Third House

This post series will give you more interesting details you can use at your advantage in finding a suitable career (or if you are not satisfied with your current job, to make some changes), and improving your material and social status!

How to achieve this and what steps do you need to take to unveil your career potential by analyzing your astrological chart?

  1. Grab your natal chart and get acquainted with it. If you do not have one, here are my instructions on how to make one for FREE in a matter of minutes! => Astrology Career Guidance (DIY Astrology Free Career Report)
  2. Check the zodiac sign which is sitting at the cusp of your tenth house (also known as Midheaven, MH, Medium Coeli or MC);
  3. Check the lord of your Midheaven and where it is placed in the chart (which house).

If do not know the houses and their natural rulers, here is a list you may find useful:

  • Mars is the ruler of Aries and the first house (the Ascendant);
  • Venus is the lord of Taurus and the second house;
  • Mercury is the lord of Gemini and the third house
  • Moon is the lord of Cancer and the fourth house
  • Sun is the lord of Leo and the fifth house;
  • Mercury is the lord of Virgo and the sixth house;
  • Venus is the lord of Libra and the seventh house;
  • Pluto is the lord of Scorpio and the eighth house;
  • Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and the ninth house;
  • Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and the tenth house;
  • Uranus is the lord of Aquarius and the eleventh house;
  • Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and twelfth house.

Example, if Gemini is at the cusp of your tenth house, you need to check the position of Mercury in your birth chart and the exact house it is placed in.

What is Midheaven in astrology and how it can help us with our career?

The Midheaven point in astrology (also known as MC or MH) is the highest point in the birth chart. In that sense, it can show us our highest potential, especially when it comes to career, professional success, and our social status. The Medium Coeli is naturally represented by the astrological sign of Capricorn and its ruler is Saturn (usually considered to be the great malefic planet or the great teacher and strict parent). This shows that our Midheaven is in a way connected to the typical characteristics of the Capricorn sign and its ruler Saturn, and the areas it rules are in the realms of career and our work environment, inner ambition, honor, our position in society, and our best achievements in life.

Moreover, Medium Coeli in astrology relates to one of our (usually the father, being the main figure in the family in the past) and everything in the areas of reputation, our drive for success, and higher social status, our inclinations for business and entrepreneurship, our vertical relationships with authorities, such as our employers and the government.

The Midheaven point is also where we discover our best professional choices and career opportunities which may help us with acquiring a better material status, and gaining reputation in the field of our work and vocation.

Important note: the tenth astrological house’s natural ruler is Saturn, and this could lead to a better professional development a bit later in life (after 30) after our first Saturn return. You can find more about this topic HERE.

So, if you are looking for a change in your career into something more fulfilling, continue reading, and check if the suggestion and examples given resonate with you, and whether they are in some way connected to your passions and natural inclinations! Always listen to your intuition because you are your best authority!

What does the Midheaven lord in fourth house in astrology mean?

Before we dive in today’s topic, you can start by checking the zodiac sign which is at the cusp of your Medium Coeli and read the information related to this position. All the articles on this topic are right HERE!

So, today’s focus is the tenth astrological house’s lord placed in the fourth house of the birth chart. What does it mean and what information does it give us about the best possible career choices?

To achieve this, we need analyze the 4th astrological house – its typical characteristics and the areas it is connected to.

The fourth house in astrology is represented by Cancer and it is naturally ruled by the Moon. What does this mean?

The 4th house is related to the areas of:

  • Our parents and especially one of them who nurtured and cared for us the most and the one having the most impact on us, our belief system, our character, and world view. This usually represents the mother (as opposed to the tenth house which is usually connected to the father or the father figures in our lives).
  • Our home – this is the home and the home environment we grew up in, not exactly the one we make for ourselves later in life when starting a family. The fourth house in astrology may also be connected to the exact real estate – the house or the apartment you grew up in.
  • Our homeland – the 4th astrological house can be seen in a bit more broader perspective than our home – this is our homeland and the country we were born in. it may be different than the one we develop later on career-wise.
  • Our posthumous fame – fourth house is one of the houses representing the end and it signifies what we come to be known for after we no longer exist physically. This is what continues to live on after we die and how people would remember us.
  • Our private lives – while the tenth house is our social status and our external connections, the 4th house, as an opposition, represents our personal and private lives – the things that remain hidden in the closed environment of our households.
  • Everything that makes our lives easier – this house shows not just our real estate, but also our movable property and all of our belongings that make our lives easier and more comfortable – from the coffee machine to the vehicle.

So, how can we connect these areas related to the 4th astrological house to the career opportunities offered by the Midheaven?

Having the lord of your Medium Coeli in the 4th house may indicate a strong predisposition to choosing a very specific career which is somehow connected to your home. You may be literally working from your home. Nowadays with the booming internet we can perform all kinds of jobs and do a lot of work from the convenience of our house or apartment, such as writing, freelancing, being a copy writer (especially if you have tenth house in Gemini and Mercury is sitting in the fourth house); having an online business; being an artist with a home studio (especially if Venus is involved). Or this could simply mean that your work place looks or feels like your own home – its cozy, private, and warm.

This position is also good for working with your parents, especially with your mother. Another option is to take on the family business or to choose a career similar to your mother’s or your mother may have some kind of influence over your vocation choice!

From a much broader perspective, the tenth house ruler in the 4th house in astrology may signify a profession related to real estate, archelogy, geology, and farming (especially with tenth house in Taurus) since all of these areas are connected to the homeland. And in cases where the native is born in one place and grew up in another, this astrological placement may point to a profession where they work with their country of origin. For example, a native born in the USA moves to the UK and chooses a career in foreign trade with the exact same American country.

And since the fourth house is one of the astrological houses of the end, this placement may signify that the native may achieve some kind of posthumous fame regarding their work. Whether it is positive or negative depends on the choices the person makes.

Are you still confused? Here’s how to make the best career choice!

If have read other articles in this blog, you probably have noticed I like talking about a new system in the realm of self-development, astrology, and metaphysics – something called Human Design! And there is a good reason for this!  Human Design had an immense impact on every area of my life (not just in my professional development and career). That’s because this system is focused on the subtle art of making correct decisions! It sounds too simple to be true, but ear me out! We are all different and the way we make choices in our lives are different. There is no one size fits all. Our strategies when it comes to life force energy management are not the same, so we are not all built to do similar things.

It would be a bit difficult for me to explain how Human Design works since it is a perfect amalgam of astrology, the Chinese I Ching, genetics, Quantum Physics, the law of attraction, esotericism and spirituality, and our ability to manifest reality.

Does this sound too complicated? Do not worry!

The thing I love the most about this system is that it is extremely pragmatic and practical knowledge for making the best decisions in all kinds of situations in our day-to-day life experience – choosing the best partner (romantic and business partners, colleagues, and friends), dealing with our relatives in the most loving and fulfilling manner (these can be extremely tough as you may have experienced), how to deal with our personal and company finances; what kind of job or a profession is best for us depending on our strengths, talents, and inner energy source (some are better fit for a 9-5 work schedule while others need more out of the box solutions); how, what, and when to eat and sleep for maintaining better health and overall wellbeing?; the successful management of our physical and mental energy, etc.

It is absolutely amazing what Human Design can do for you!

If there’s anything I suggest you take away from the Human Design system is this – do not compare yourself to others! Quit trying to keep up with the Joneses! Be your unique self, focus on your strengths and talents, delegate your weaknesses, and start living a more fulfilling life!

If you are more of a bookworm, feel free to start your HD journey with the best volumes on this topic! For instance, probably the best introductory and intermediate work by Lynda Bunnel with Ra Uru Hu as a co-author (the founder of the system himself) – The Definitive Book of Human Design or the volumes published by Karen Curry are also super helpful and a bit more understandable by beginners!

To make things easier for you, dear reader, I have made detailed collection of the best books on this topic (in my humble opinion) to help you start your HD experiment right away! As I have noted earlier in this article, Human Design in not a theoretical knowledge – it is pragmatic stuff you can put to the test almost immediately!   => Best Human Design Books to Read Today

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