What does 10th House Lord in Second House in Astrology Mean?

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What does 10th House Lord in Second House in Astrology Mean (Tenth House Ruler in 2nd House)?


Today in this brand new blog series, we continue on our path looking at the lord of the tenth astrological house being placed in the other houses of the zodiac. You can check the previous article here ==> What does 10th House Lord in First House in Astrology Mean?

This will give you more insights and some interesting details in your efforts of finding a better career and improving your social and material status!

Before we begin, I recommend you commence by following these steps:

  1. Take out your birth chart or create one, if you do not have it already. Here are the detailed instructions how to make one for FREE! ==> Astrology Career Guidance (DIY Astrology Free Career Report)
  2. Check the sun sign which is on the cusp of your Medium Coeli (also known as Midheaven);
  3. See the position of the tenth house lord in your natal chart.

If you are not acquainted with those, here you can find which the rulers of each zodiac sign are:

  • Mars is the lord of Aries (♂)
  • Venus is the lord of Taurus (♀)
  • Mercury is the lord of Gemini (☿)
  • Moon is the lord of Cancer (☽)
  • Sun is the lord of Leo (☉)
  • Mercury is the lord of Virgo (☿)
  • Venus is the lord of Libra (♀)
  • Pluto is the lord of Scorpio (♇)
  • Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius (♃)
  • Saturn is the lord of Capricorn (♄)
  • Uranus is the lord of Aquarius (♅)
  • Neptune is the lord of Pisces (♆)

For instance, if Leo is on the cusp of your 10th house, you have to check the position of the Sun in your natal chart and the house it is placed in.

What is tenth house in astrology?

I have described this in the previous blog series, here I will give you a little more details to better understand this astrological aspect.

The 10th house in astrology is also called Medium Coeli (a.k.a. MC or Midheaven) and it is the highest point in our birth charts. It signifies our highest expression and potential for achievements and success. The Midheaven’s natural sign is Capricorn and the ruler is Saturn. This means that our Medium Coeli is connected to all the typical characteristics of the 10th astrological sign and the areas it rules – honor, career advancement, ambition, our social status, and best achievements

Also, another meaning we can give to Midheaven in astrology is the vision of the father (or one of the parents which is the head of the family) and everything related our reputation, the inner push for fame and stardom, entrepreneurship and business, ambition, our employers, and the government.

The 10th house is also where see our natural potential and our best career choices and suitable professions which may give us a better social status or which influence our reputation along with our best work conditions and environment.

Important note: since our Midheaven’s natural ruler is Saturn, in most cases, we can fully develop these areas of the tenth house after we turn 30 (after the first Saturn return). You can read more on this topic HERE.

So, if you are on the verge of a career change into something more satisfying, this astrological report will give you a more tips and interesting information and to help you see the big picture!

What does the Midheaven lord in second house in astrology mean?

Before we continue, you can start by checking the zodiac sign which is at the cusp of your Midheaven and read the information related to this position. All the articles on this topic are right HERE.

So, today’s focus is the tenth astrological house’s ruler “siting” in the second house of the natal chart. What does that mean and how it relates to the person’s career choices and professional development.

To achieve this, we need to take a look at the 2nd astrological house – its characteristics and the area of our lives which it governs.

The 2nd house is connected to Earth element and it is naturally ruled by Taurus. Looking at this aspect of the chart, we can find everything which is related to the material world, our material possessions, assets (especially those related to real estate), our financial deals, your savings, investments, and all of our gains and losses as results of our own efforts (as opposed to the eighth house where can see what we acquire from our parents and ancestors – the results of their efforts and life-long work).

From a more metaphysical aspect, the second house represents our values, our worldview, and our self-assessment and self-esteem, and unique talents. If you are striving for a financial freedom, this is one of the first places you should look when analyzing your astrological chart.

So, what does it mean to have your Medium Coeli ruler being placed in the second house?

I think this is one of the best placements for having financial success as a result of one’s own work efforts and career advancement!

As you can see, the tenth house is our social status and highest expression, and the second house is material gains. By linking these two aspects of the birth chat, we have the best predisposition to acquire fame and fortune through one’s talents and profession.

Another thing to consider about this position is the importance of having congruency between your own values and the work that you do on a daily basis. With this astrological position, it is extremely important to you that your career choice do not contradict your worldview and ethics. Or to put it in another way, following your passion and expressing your talents is essential to you and this may be the determining factor of your success or failure.

Another aspect of this placement is the inner need for acquiring wealth and the ability to create multiple income streams to support you and your loved ones.

As far as reputation goes (since the tenth house represents what we become known for), you may become respected member of society for your talents and the unique ability to earn income. This may mean that you have strong entrepreneurial inclinations which bring you money and higher social status. This is especially true if it is connected to being part of a family business or if your work is connected to speaking (because the second house is ruled by Taurus, and Taurus is related to the throat, the vocal cords, and the thyroid gland).

Finally, remember that the planet itself and its aspects to other celestial bodies in your chart will have an impact on how you express this astrological placement out into the world. But that’s a topic for another day!

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