Self Care Day At Home (At Home SPA Day Plan)

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Self Care Day At Home (At Home SPA Day Plan)

self care day at home, at home spa day plan

Now that most of us are at home, we have a golden opportunity to take a better care of ourselves! That’s why today’s suggestion on my side is to have a good relaxing SPA and self care day at home and treat yourself!

But you do not need to be exercising self-isolation to have some time for yourself! This could be a wonderful tradition you can start and perform once a month or as often as you need to. Remember that sharping the axe (or re-charging the batteries) is essential for our performance as employees and parents.self care day at home, at home spa day plan

But before we dive into my top DIY spa day hacks, let me remind you that if you are currently stuck at home or you simply have a lot of free time in your hands, it is a good idea to keep your body active and fit, and to also invest your spare hours into self-development!

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How to have a self care day at home

In today’s article I will share with you my favorite practices for a quiet and relaxing day entirely dedicated to myself, my body and mind, and most importantly – away from the noise, the TV, and the negative news! Our bodies are our temples and we need to take care of them as best we can!

Feel free to tweak your SPA day schedule and include your significant other (and turn this into a wonderful at home SPA day for couples) or even your kids! Why not?

Let’s begin!

  1. Hair care

I usually begin my self care routine with a strong nourishing hair mask. Since my hair is very long, dry, and prone to splitting, I prefer applying heavy greasy masks which protect my hairs against the environmental forces. You can try my potent anti-hair loss treatment or get an organic store-bought eco-friendly hair mask or make your own (I have a ton of recipes in my book Homemade Beauty Products for the Hair). I usually keep the mask on for at least an hour and in the meantime I am doing something else – the suggestions are below.

  1. Face mask

While we wait the hair mask to do its magic, we can move to the face. I personally do not do any special facial procedures, but you can treat your skin with some nice cleansing and nourishing therapies. For example, an active charcoal mask against blackheads, acne treatment, anti-aging serums, and moisturizing face masks for all skin types (you can find lots of DIY recipes in my book Homemade Beauty Products for the Face)

  1. Dry brushing

While we wait for the masks to deeply nourish the hair and face, we can move to the body. Dry brushing is one of my favorite skin care rituals which serve multiple purposes – removing dead skin cells, improving the blood flow of the derma, stimulating the lymph, preventing cellulite formation and ingrown hairs! Add a quality brush to your essentials for at home SPA day, and start gently brushing the skin in long strokes moving towards the heart. You can dry brush the legs, arms, the torso for several minutes but try not to overdo it and hurt your skin! If you wish to work more on the lymphatic system, you can focus on specific points (lymph nodes) to activate their power to keep our bodies healthy and toxin-free. You can find these points in my 3-day lymphatic detox ritual described in Complete Body Cleansing!

  1. Shower or a bath

After all these procedures our bodies are ready get shiny and clean! If you have a bath tub, feel free to soak in it with some intoxicating aromatic bath salts. This is the perfect time to relax and fill your mind with positive thoughts, positive sensations, and day-dreaming!

If you do not have this luxury, just run the hot water down the body and create the atmosphere of a steam bath. Bonus points if you use a dissolving tablet with essential oils to improve your airways! At this point you can remove all the greasy stuff from the hair with your favorite eco-friendly natural shampoo but do not rush into washing the body! I have one secret hack to share with you – peeling!

  1. Hammam peeling

Yes, you can use a regular skin peeling product, but I would like to share something you probably haven’t heard of – the hammam skin peeling technique! It is cheap, easy, very effective, and one of my most favorite SPA day at home necessities! Once you start using this, you wouldn’t want to go back! Get this special silk glove and start massaging the whole body – from head to toe (you can turn off the shower to conserve water). You will quickly notice how the dead skin cells start falling off your body! But remember that for this procedure to work, your skin has to be well soaked in hot water and pores will have to be open. Again, just like dry brushing – not overdo it or you risk chafing the skin. In this case, apply some healing salve for faster recovery!

  1. Magnesium oil

Now that we have removed all the unnecessary stuff from our bodies and the pores are open, we can continue with another great procedure – applying Magnesium oil or a scrub. Due to our hectic lifestyle and imbalanced diets, most of us are Magnesium deficient. Some of the telltale signs are twitching, anxiety, insomnia, numbness, etc. Of course, should you have any physical discomforts or symptoms, consult with your doctor ASAP! I personally often use Magnesium products because of my bulged disks problem, and I know that the best way to absorb this essential mineral is through the skin. So, I take this opportunity while I am in the shower and apply some Magnesium oil and wait for a couple of minutes for it to do its magic (it usually starts itching or causing gentle pins and needles). After that, you can finally wash off everything with you preferred soap and intimate wash. I personally do not use a loofah with shower gel since it is the perfect spot for bacteria and fungi to grow. Just sayin’. 🙂

  1. Skin moisturizing

We have scrubbed, peeled, brushed, and washed our bodies and it is time to nourish the skin! Grab your favorite DIY body butter or store-bought product and apply everywhere! Another great option is to use this opportunity and perform a simple anti-cellulite massage. I hear you – cellulite is such a menace! But I have a special announcement – I am currently working on and experimenting with all kinds of remedies and procedures to resolve this problem once and for all! So, stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be notified when I have all the answers (you get some special bonuses as well)!

In the meantime, here’s the best and cheapest anti-cellulite massaging technique I have found so far! You need a vacuum cup and some carrier oil of choice. For best results, you can try some of my homemade anti-cellulite recipes from my book Homemade Beauty Products for the Body or a store-bought product you trust.

Squeeze the cup gently and place it on the desired affected area. It will create vacuum and you are ready to move around the skin in every direction. But please, avoid the inner thighs – there is a risk of harming a major blood vessel and that’s no joke! Also, this massaging technique is not suitable to everyone! Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or in case you have varicose veins or open wounds! Read the instructions of your massaging vacuum cup carefully and consult with your doctor before application! Safety first!

Lastly, to end this section on moisturizing, do not neglect the feet. Feel free to do a quick self-massage with some potent foot scrub and foot cream (you can find DIY foot scrub recipes in Homemade Beauty Products for the Body). This is an excellent preparation technique for the summer! No one likes rough foot skin! 😀

  1. Relaxation

Ah, we have done so much work! Time for some relaxation and pampering! Grab your essential oil diffuser, add some aromatic oils, put on some relaxing music, and take a break! Now is the best time to meditate, breathe, and re-charge! By the way, I almost forgot I had a very cheap, short and sweet calming visualization for optimal hair beauty and growth! Another great option is to do a healing reiki session to take this to another level! Recently I became a level 1 reiki practitioner and this Eastern technique has become a part of my daily routines. It is super relaxing, restorative, and energizing, boosting your overall wellbeing and natural defense abilities! You do not need to become a practitioner to take advantage of this awesome modality! There are plenty of reiki infused music you can put on and enjoy!

Alright! These were my suggestions for self care things to do when stuck at home. I hope you liked them and I hope I have been helpful! If so, please share the love through your favorite social media channels!

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self care day at home, at home spa day plan

Stay tuned for more articles on healthy cooking, wellness, and fitness!

‘Till next time!
Stay healthy!


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