From Boredom to Success (Part 1)

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There are a lot of times in everybody’s life that we feel really bored. Especially during cold winter days when going outside for a walk seems unpleasant. So, often we stay at home and try to “kill” time with meaningless activities. Or maybe we get bored at work until our brain starts to melt. This is even more frustrating, I know! How to take advantage of these moments? How to transform them into success tools? I can give you some suggestions and you may think about other ideas that could be perfect for you.
– Meditate – as you may have already figured out, I am a big advocate of meditation. It has a lot of benefits for us – on physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is advisable to meditate regularly, especially if one’s lifestyle is very dynamic and hectic. It will help you lower the stress hormones, think clearly, improve your mood and grow spiritually. People think that they should meditate for hours to get results, but I think it is a myth. Sometimes even 5 minutes of calming the mind could be of great benefit. For beginners I would suggest guided meditations, rather than the classic “stop-your-thoughts” process.

Write – surprisingly, writing is a very good tool for many purposes. It could be used for focusing,

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revealing negative/limiting beliefs, transforming emotions, achieving goals, even meditating. When we write, the thinking process slows down, because the speed of the hand is much slower than the one of the mind. In this way, we can reveal what our real thoughts on a particular matter are. Remember when I told you that positive thinking doesn’t work, because our unconscious beliefs sabotage us? If we want to change our beliefs, this is a good way to start. If there is anything really bothering you, write it down and don’t censor yourself. Use those words to heal with EFT, for example. Moreover, if you have a certain goal in your mind or a manifestation project – focus on it or meditate by writing it down over and over again. In time it will be completely absorbed by your subconciousness and it will start working on it 24/7.

Visualize – visualizations are also very helpful for achieving our goals and dreams. And fortunately, they can be used almost anywhere and anytime. It is a very simple technique and most people mistake it for just fruitless daydreaming. But it isn’t. When we repeatedly see a picture in our minds, it starts to unfold. Visualization combined with inspired action can become life changing. So, every time boredom strikes, you can just close your eyes and picture a goal you want to achieve. Make it as vivid as you can. Then, look for upcoming opportunities and inspiration to perform a certain action (even though it may seem illogical).
Eye exercises – these days more and more people spend a lot of time working on their computers. And we all know the consequences of that. If you have regular headaches, itching in the eyes, redness, dryness etc., this usually means that the eye muscles need some attention. First of all, of course, you might want to see your ophthalmologist for advice. If the symptoms are result from too much eye tension, these exercises may help tremendously. So, if you have spare time, it is always a good idea to take care of our precious eyes. The exercises are very simple – look up and down (without moving the head); look sideways; make circles; make “eights” with your eyes; blink fast; look as far as you can and then look at your nose; do palming (cover your face with your palms to shut out the light). These exercises could be done almost anywhere and anytime. If your work involves eye tension, try to make regular brakes to relax your muscles. Feel free to combine these movements with neck and shoulders stretching and massaging. If you choose to meditate/visualize/relax, take a minute and focus on the eyes and try to consciously relax the muscles. You will be surprised how difficult it can be!

More ideas coming up in Part 2!

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