Upgrade Yourself – Self Improvement Activities for Adults

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Upgrade Yourself – Self Improvement Activities for Adults

upgrade yourself, self improvement activities for adults

Today’s post is a natural succession to the previous article on remaining physically and mentally healthy while staying at home. Again, this is not only applicable to the current situation with the self-isolation, but also to all those people who usually stay at home more often – the unemployed (sadly, more and more people will be losing their jobs in the following months 🙁 ), housewives and househusbands, stay-at-home parents, etc.upgrade yourself, self improvement activities for adults

So, it is vital to take this opportunity and invest your spare time in anti boredom activities that will help you upgrade yourself and be more prepared and versatile during these times of transformation and hardship.

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Here are my ideas for activities for self improvement

  1. Reading educational materials

Reading and self-education is probably the single best thing to invest your free time in. I know devouring entertaining fiction books is a wonderful way to pass the time. It is also believed to be excellent for our mental health and cognitive functions. But I would suggest you pick some educational material as well. Look for topics that interest you and could possible serve double duty as a secondary profession. Learning new skills has never been more important! And since most physical bookstores and libraries are not working right now, online merchants come to the rescue! For example, on Amazon you can find practical guides on gardening, learning foreign languages, programming, etc. And, you don’t even have to buy the books themselves if you are unsure whether they are right for you! With a small monthly fee you can read as much as you want! Oh, one more thing – it is always a good idea to learn how to optimize your budget and improve your financial literacy. Why aren’t we learning how to do our taxes in school instead of a plethora of information we forget the moment we graduate? Food for thought…

  1. Taking online courses

Online courses are the next best thing (if not better)! You can find online learning programs on pretty much every topic you prefer! The positive side is that it is better to study with visual materials. The negative side is that it is a bit more expensive. But you can still find free courses online to get you started – just to check whether the topic is right for you. For example, you can learn sewing – just take a look at the current situation and how many people started making and selling their own face masks. If you are unsure which area to pick, you can check my astrological guide on finding your best career options! And just one more suggestion – do not forget to check whether your local colleges and universities offer online courses with certification. This could be a vital asset in the future!

  1. Turn your hobby into a business (a.k.a. a side hustle)

Lots of people have deep interests in areas which can be turned into a successful business, or an additional income stream! Here are just few suggestions on the top of my mind – gardening (local organic food is always in demand!), making your own cosmetics (just make sure you comply with your local regulations on the subject), candle-making, soap-making, homemade baked goods and/or home deliveries (again, you have to comply with your local health and food regulations). Having expertise on a topic? You can create a blog, publish a book, create a course. Even if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, you can always learn, get certified, and better yourself – this is where reading and taking courses comes into play.

  1. Freelancing

Do not underestimate your expertise or life experience! There are countless people all around the world who need a wide variety of services. And you can offer your skills, knowledge, and experience to help others in exchange for currency! With our digitalizing world, more and more businesses are re-organizing and re-structuring themselves to adjust to the new technologies and offer online services. You can do the same! Ghost writing, editing, advising, teaching, designing, coding, I can’t believe I am saying this but even video game testing (game developing is a very fast growing and lucrative niche), etc. are all viable options. The sky is the limit! Look for untapped niches or again – check my astrological blog series for more guidance!

  1. Teaching our kids

Your kids don’t need to quit school and be entirely taught the entire curriculum at home. This is a tough job which requires a lot of time, effort, and a strong nervous system. 😀  All I’m saying is you can invest your leisure time in a couple of bored kid activities and improvised home classes. Offer them the important stuff you wish someone taught you when you were a kid. Here are a couple of examples – cooking, doing laundry, gardening, budgeting, recycling and environmental-friendly activities, and more importantly – teach them to be kind, wise, patient, compassionate, responsible, and noble. I have an old friend who once said that investing in his kids’ education, work ethics, and moral standards was the best investment he had ever made! Now that they are all known up, their high-paying jobs secured him a comfortable life and a level of pride and satisfaction beyond words.

In my opinion, the best way to change the world we live in, is to change how we raise and what we teach the future generations!

OK, these were my simple suggestions on how to upgrade yourself in life and how to be productive at home when bored. Leave me a comment below and share your favorite boredom activities! How do you come with self-isolation?

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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‘Till next time!
Stay healthy!

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