How to Find My Calling?

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Most of us came here on Earth with a deep sense of purpose. Unfortunately, not many realize what their true vocation in life is. There are people all over the world that seem to know what they are here to do, even since they are small children. They have a certain passion or they are extremely gifted in some areas, which make it very easy to determine their life’s purpose.
But what about all the other “ordinary” folks who don’t really see clearly their destiny? We may spend our whole lives wondering “What the heck am I supposed to do here?” or “Do I really matter or am I just a background for the extraordinary people to shine?”
To my mind, we all came here with an agenda. The thing is that it doesn’t have to be something very gigantic or profound. But there is always something we incarnated to do or fulfill, even if it’s just learning how to be a good parent or how to enjoy life on Earth. So, how to find what was that specific aim we set before coming into this world?
I have gathered some info or pointers that can help you realize your potential in this lifetime. I tried to find the simplest tools for the job here. And here they are:
1. Go back in time! Let’s go back to the time when you were a small child! Do you remember what you wanted to become when you grow up? I am not kidding! I do realize that there are certain popular professions among kids such as astronauts, police officers or ballerinas and doctors. But what I want you to do is think honestly – what games did you like to play often? Maybe you have heard that small children still remember their life purpose, but in time they start to forget what they came here to do. But on a subconscious level we still have some remaining memories of our mission on Earth. The problem comes when over the years our parents, teachers, society or even ourselves start to impose their visions of what our best carrier choice might be. Maybe as a kid you dreamed about becoming a doctor, but when you grew up you abandoned this idea because it was not profitable or honorable job anymore. A true example from my homeland is being a teacher. Back in the days this was one of the most desired and respectful professions. But not anymore, nowadays you need to be a bit masochist to choose this carrier. And the result is – many people dropped their passion of becoming educators. So, go back in time when you were a kid and try to remember what your honest wish was, no matter how silly it may look.

2. What are your gifts? Do you have any talents? I know you do!

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Even a little bit. You don’t have to be Salvador Dali to be a good painter, for instance. Think outside of the box – being organized, analytical, even being a daydreamer could be seen as a talent. Writing is a perfect thinking tool to see the big picture – write down all of your strengths, abilities, expertise, knowledge etc. Now that you see all of these, do you feel certain inclination towards any of the above mentioned talents? The gut feeling is extremely valuable here!
3. How other people see you? If you had some serious problem with identifying your strengths, ask others to asses you. Sometimes we are so used to being ourselves that we can’t see anything special about us. Seeing other people’s strengths (and weaknesses) is much easier when being an observer. So, ask your closest friends and relatives for their opinion. How do they see you? Do they see or feel what would be your obvious carrier path or what you are really good at? Just make sure they give their honest opinion rather than trying to avoid disappointing you. If you have been suffering with low self-esteem, this step is a must, because people with poor self image tend to underestimate their abilities! (And maybe it’s time to appreciate yourself a little more!)
4. What are your hobbies?
Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
Notice how most successful people turned their hobbies into a business. If you ask them what the secret of their success is, they might say something like hard work and dedication. Yes, I agree! But isn’t it different to be passionate about your job, to work long hours for a cause you believe in and totally immerse in what you do, opposed to working 8 hours (or more) in a job you can’t stand? So, I would say not only being diligent, but also being in love in what you do will bring success and fulfillment. This is why looking at our hobbies can give us a huge hint in what we are supposed to do. Just don’t discard them so quickly! At first it might look impossible, but there are infinite possibilities in numerous niches that haven’t been reached yet. For example, you may find joy in playing video games all day and there are people around the world working as game testers! Now that sounds fun!

5. Some astrological hints
I love astrology, but unfortunately it has been really distorted by the mass media. Anyway, this is a whole other story. The thing is that we can use this powerful tool to help us realize our potentials, natural inclinations and opportunities. All you need is you birth date, place and time (as precise as possible) and you are ready to go to a professional astrologer to give you a full birth chart report (including your best career choices). If you are not willing to do so, I will make a special asrto series on career. Meanwhile, call your mom to find your time of birth!

And remember, whatever you choose, it is never too late and you don’t have to be perfect! Here is an interesting part from Linda Goodman’s Star Signs :
“ … Linda: I’m sure I didn’t sound like Barbara Streisand.
The Guest: And why should you sound like her? … It would be a sad and quiet, lonely forest if no bird sang except the nightingale…”

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