What is 10th House Lord in Seventh House in Astrology?

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What is 10th House Lord in Seventh House in Astrology? (Tenth House Ruler in 7th House)?


Here comes the next entry on the topic of the Medium Coeli ruler through the houses in the natal chart – one of the key points we should look at when analyzing our best career opportunities! You can find all the other articles in the series right HERE =>First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House | Fifth House | Sixth House

Why should you pay attention to the tenth house lord and who would be interested in getting this info? I think that anyone who is even a little bit concerned about their job, career or life vocation would benefit greatly from these blog entries – those who are just starting out their professional life, students who are looking for suitable education or a particular degree that might sky-rocket their career, those who are not completely satisfied with their current position and social status and are looking for something more satisfying and joyful!

But, first things first…

What do you need to do before getting acquainted with this information?

First you have to have your birth chart calculated and you should be able to find your Midheaven point and its ruler’s placement. If this sounds like Greek to you, follow the steps below:

  1. Take out your birth chart and look at it closely. If you do not know how to make one, I have a very simple tutorial you can check right here – it will be ready in no time! One reminder though, you have to have your accurate birth time and place – make sure the data is as precise as possible for all the calculations and analyses to be accurate! => Astrology Career Guidance (DIY Astrology Free Career Report)
  2. Look for your tenth house – in the birth chart it is the highest point at the top and it is usually marked with MH (short for Midheaven).
  3. Find which planet is the ruler of your Medium Coeli and in which astrological house it is located. Here’s a reference of all the signs in the zodiac and their planetary lords to help you out:
  • Mars (glyph – ♂) is the ruler of Aries;
  • Venus (glyph – ♀) is the ruler of Taurus and Libra;
  • Mercury (glyph -☿)is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo;
  • The Moon (glyph – ☽ ) is the ruler of Cancer;
  • The Sun (glyph – ☉) is the ruler of Leo;
  • Pluto (glyph -♇) is the ruler of Scorpio;
  • Jupiter (glyph -♃) is the ruler of Sagittarius;
  • Saturn (glyph -♄) is the ruler of Capricorn;
  • Uranus (glyph – ♅) is the ruler of Aquarius;
  • Neptune (glyph – ♆) is the ruler of Pisces;

Here’s an example, if your Midheaven point is in Pisces, you need to check the position of Neptune in your natal chart – in which astrological house it is placed. In the picture below you will see that Neptune (the lord of the Medium Coeli in this case) is in the seventh house in the birth chart – and what that means when it comes to best career and job options will be revealed down in this article below!

What is Midheaven in astrology and how it can help us with our career?

Medium Coeli (also known as the tenth astrological house) is right at the top of the natal chart and this placement is not accidental – it represents our highest potential when it comes to career and social status!

That is why it is so important to pay close attention to this element of the birth chart and analyze it carefully – it may give us vital information on what we were born to do, what we can contribute to the world, and what we would become known for,

The tenth house in astrology is also connected to the tenth zodiac sign of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn. In other words, when we look at the Midheaven point and its characteristics, they will be very similar to the typical traits of the last Earth sign. To put it simply, tenth house governs the realm of our ambition, career opportunities, our vocation in life, the social status we may acquire, the discipline we may have or not (especially when it comes to our work ethics), and the restrictions we may face in our lifetime.

Moreover, there is one more aspect to this astrological house we can look at. Medium Coeli also represents the father figure (as opposed to Immum Coeli which is related to the mother and the sign of Cancer). By analyzing the sign in which the tenth house cusp is placed, the ruler of the Midheaven, and the aspects to it, we can get more information about our relationship with our father, the government, and all authority figures generally speaking.

So, as a recap, Medium Coeli can be a wonderful starting point for getting valuable info about our reputation in society, our social status, the best career options where we can reach our highest potential, our work environment, the ambition we may possess or not, the image of our father, the authorities, and the government.

And one more thing before we continue with today’s topic of the tenth house lord in the seventh astrological house – as you may have noticed, Saturn is the natural ruler of the Midheaven. And Saturn is the slow-moving planet which has the notorious reputation of being malefic causing all kinds of difficulties and restrictions. I do not fully agree to this, but there’s this important element of this celestial body which deserves our attention – Saturn governs time and discipline through challenges, especially career-wise. So, every 30 years we experience the so called Saturn return which is a phenomenon which may bring lots of changes in our professional and personal lives. Actually, most people find their best and most fulfilling career right after their first Saturn revolution at about 34-35 years of age. Keep this in mind and be prepared! You can read more about this topic HERE!

So, if you are in search for your best job option according to astrology, keep reading and make sure you check the special blog series on the topic of the Midheaven point and its significance!

It doesn’t matter if you already have a job, a business or whether you wish to be self-employed or start a side hustle which is more in line with your unique talents and skills, you can always start making some positive changes in the direction of your desires!

In these articles you will find lots of ideas but I do recommend you stick to your guns and always check with your inner sense of truth and intuition! You can find more about the importance of our inner authority for making correct career decisions in the last section of this article! Your worldview will be forever changed with the brand new and holistic methods of Human Design (but more about it, later on)!

What does the Midheaven lord in seventh house in astrology mean?

Before analyzing the meaning of the tenth house lord in the seventh house, I urge you to take a look at the zodiac sign your Midheaven point is placed in. You can find more information on their meaning in this blog post series right HERE!

Now back to our main topic – what does it mean to have your Medium Coeli ruler placed in the Descendent (the seventh house) when it comes to career options, social status, and our ultimate vocation in life.

To achieve this we need to decipher what the seventh house in astrology is connected to and what relationship it would have with the Midheaven point.

The Descendent (the 7th astrological house) is related to the seventh zodiac sign of Libra and it is naturally ruled by the planet of love and relationships Venus. This will give us valuable information of the area this house governs.

Here’s what I mean!

The 7th house in astrology (aka the Descendent) relates to these aspects of our life:

  • Romantic relationships – as I mentioned previously, the seventh house is the natural house of Libra and the planet Venus – the celestial body which represents love and relationships. By analyzing our 7th house in astrology we will find how we connect with other people in a romantic sense of the word. Here’s the place where we get information about our opportunities for marriage (or the lack of it) and divorce.
  • Business associations – the Descendent is the house of all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. Here we have our business associations and partnerships (or the lack of them), material matters regarding other people, the contracts we make with others, and all kinds of deals and agreements.
  • The law – it is no coincidence that the widely accepted symbol of the law and the judicial system is the sign of the scales. Libras are people who always try to be objective, impartial, and just, so we also might attribute these characteristics to their native 7th Here in this place we can find our attitude towards the law and any possible lawsuits we might be part of or not.
  • Open enemies – the Descendent is also the house of the difficult relationships we might have and the opposition we face by our open enemies in life (in contrast to the twelfth house where we can see our secret invisible opponents). Here’s the house which also symbolizes the characteristics we do not possess – since this is the direct opposition of the first house (the Ascendant) which represents our personal strengths.
  • The grandparents – here’s a neat trick you can use to take a peek at the future or the past. In astrology we have a thing called a “derivative house” – a house which derives from our personal ones. It might sound a bit complicated but here’s an example – our children are represented by the fifth house. So, the fifth house from our fifth (our own ninth house – keep in mind that when calculating this, our fifth house becomes the first) will represent the children of our children (or grandkids). In this line of thought, if our fourth house represents our parents (especially the mother), the fourth house from the fourth (our seventh house) is the house of our parents’ parents – our grandparents. Cool huh?

Now that we understand what the Descendant is all about we can continue with the exact connection with the Medium Coeli and the seventh house. What does it mean to have your Midheaven lord placed in the 7th astrological house? What career opportunities we might have and what would be our ultimate vocation in life?

The first and most obvious deduction from the information above would be that your best career development would happen through partnerships – they may be romantic, family or business ones. For example, if your tenth house is in Libra and Venus is in the 7th house, you may be drawn towards having your spouse as a partner in your professional development or business. If Cancer is at the cusp of the Medium Coeli and the Moon is in the Descendant, you may be someone who would be best suited to be partners with family members (especially your mother). If your tenth house is in Gemini and Mercury is sitting in the seventh house, your siblings might play a key role in your career, etc.

Another great option for people with this placement is the area of the law. As I mentioned previously, Libra (and the seventh astrological house) is the symbol of the judicial system, and you might feel a strong pull towards working in this field (and it would be best if you are a partner in a law firm!).

Also, if you are looking for more inspiration career-wise, make sure you check what your ancestors have been doing! Remember that the Descendant is the house of our grandparents and with this astrological placement, we have lots of people who decide to continue the family traditions by choosing the same profession as the one of their forefathers. More often than not, we genetically receive the necessary skillsets for a certain line of work. For instance, you may have noticed that lots of actors are the offspring of other actors or people connected to the artistic world (especially with Libra at the cusp of the tenth house); successful business owners are a second or a third generation entrepreneurs (especially with Midheaven in Gemini or Capricorn); high-class doctors are the grandsons or granddaughters of respected physicians (with tenth house in Virgo being one of the best position for such career), and so on so on!

But always remember that to be happy, fulfilled, and successful, you have to be your unique self, shining with your unique talents and natural inclinations! Your intuition will tell you the correct career path and astrology is just a tool for useful suggestions you might consider, or not. And speaking of nifty tools for self-development and exploration, in the next section you will find one of the best ones so far (in my humble opinion)! It’s called Human Design and it is a wonderful addition to this astrological analysis. Are you ready to find how to make the best decisions in life that bring you closer to your dreams and professional aspirations? Let’s go!

Are you still confused? Here’s how to make the best career choice!

How to have a successful life? When you think about it, it comes down to one simple truth – making correct decisions. But how do we know which decisions are right and which are not best for us? We usually try to use our minds to figure this out, but sometimes we end up in a less than fortunate situation using this method. On the other hand, in other instances where we follow our gut instinct we make an obvious illogical choice which ends up being the best one.

How so? Because our intuition knows best – it works with far larger range of information coming from the subconscious as compared to our conscious minds. And this is one of the fundamentals of the brand new revolutionary system for making the right choices in every area in life, including our career and professional development.

This system is called Human Design (HD) and it shows you your unique way of making decisions depending on your type and inner authority (our inner sense of personal truth).

HD is a unique way of looking at the human being as a holistic creature made of atoms, energy, a soul, and a personal trajectory which we often call fate or as HD calls it “geometry”. And to perfectly reflect our complex nature, Human Design itself is an amazing amalgam of all kinds of knowledge bases and scientific disciplines such as astronomy and astrology (I like calling the system “astrology on steroids” 😀 ), the chakra system (which has been upgraded and developed to reflect the energetic changes which happened to us human beings), Kabbalah,  biochemistry, Quantum Mechanics and physics, genetics, spirituality, the I’Ching system, LOA (the law of attraction), etc.

This exceptional self-development and self-exploratory system will help you navigate through life according to your personal methods for making correct decisions guided by your own built-in mechanisms instead of just blindly following the crowd and becoming a victim of the social and peer pressure of the homogenized world! Human Design will teach you two fundamental principles that will unleash your potential (including professional and creative) – to love yourself just the way you are and to not compare yourself to others and try to constantly keep up with the Jonses!

So, how to start your transformational journey?

Here are two main options I would suggest you start with if this feels like something you might be interested in:

  1. Read a book on the system, acquaint yourself with the basics, and start experimenting (Human Design is a practical method, not just boring theory you need to memorize and only store in your head). One of the best entry points is the HD bible called The Definitive Book of Human Design by the International Human Design School director Lynda Bunnell and the founder of the system himself Ra Uru Hu. Also her textbook which is usually part of the course with the same name “Live Your Design” is a wonderful practical tool for all beginners! To learn more, you can check my ultimate HD book recommendations right HERE => Best Human Design Books to Read Today
  2. Sign up for a course – to get the full benefit of this information you might need to take the foundation course called “Living Your Design” which will give you access to teachers and coaches who will pay special attention to your needs when digesting, interpreting, and practicing the Human Design fundamentals!

Best of luck and success!

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