Detox for Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation

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Detox for Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation (Detox Diet for Arthritis)

detox joint inflammation, lemon water for osteoarthritis

Regular detoxification is always welcome for the body, especially when combined with a balanced healthy diet.

But we have grown used to the notion that detoxing is only for weight loss. And that is not true! Yes, detoxing usually includes food restrictions that may lead to weight loss, but this is not their main purpose. The real reason why body purification is so valuable is its undeniable health benefits! From treating mild colds and the flu to healing from serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes. And this in not just a myth! I have seen with my own eyes how a close acquaintance started to shrink her brain tumor with detox fasting! (note: do not do this without medical surveillance!)

And fortunately, the rheumatoid arthritis inflammation of the joints is no exception! Numerous people who started changing their diet plans (see part 1 and part 2) and applying regular detoxing, managed to significantly sooth the pain or completely recover from the illness!

And you can do it, too!

Here are my suggestions for a simple detoxification and inflamed joints relief:

  1. Drink plenty of pure water

As I have mentioned in the previous articles, the blood circulation in the joints is much weaker and these areas may become clogged with organic waste, toxins, and even parasites (Eek!). So, the first obvious step is to increase the water consumption. You can do it gradually until you feel comfortable with the new quantities. This will wash out the waste and improve the joint mobility.

  1. Lemon water for osteoarthritis

If drinking water seems too hard to achieve, a simple mix of lemon juice and water first thing in the morning can easily purify the body. Although this drink seems too simple, do not be fooled – it holds great power for restoring our wellbeing and healing inflammation.

Regular consumption of lemon water can:

  • improve the digestion;
  • detox the gallbladder;
  • boost the liver;
  • fight constipation;
  • reduce the high blood pressure;
  • assist with weight loss,
  • and much more!
  1. Cleansing tea for detox and joint inflammation

Another option for increasing the liquids in our detox diet is drinking more tea, especially if it prepared with herbs with potent purifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can take a look at this excellent cleansing tea blend with turmeric:

Healing Potion for Rejuvenation

You can find more tasty detoxing herbal blends in “Healthy Body Cleanse” and a detailed list of all the best potent detoxing and healing plants in “Build Your Immune System Fast”.

  1. Fasting detox for arthritis pain relief

Fasting (and all of its versions) has been proven extremely effective for treating all kinds of ailments, including rheumatoid arthritis inflammation. You can apply this healing method in various forms, according to your body and physical state. For example, you can take out one day of the week and dedicate it to body cleansing.

a. It can be a day a week only on raw fruits and veggies, herbal teas, or green smoothies.

b. If this seems too harsh for you at this point, try my favorite weekly rice&fruit detox.

c. Or you can use the power of the Indian traditional healing system Ayurveda to help you detox from stubborn toxins without starving! You can find the exact process in my FREE book bundle.

detox joint inflammation, lemon water for osteoarthritisd. Try intermittent fasting – this method has been proven very effective to tone and cleanse the body on a daily basis and shred some extra fat. Perfect combo! Simply start slowly moving the time of your last meal for the day at earlier and earlier hours. And that’s it! Your body will slowly adjust to the new diet schedule and use this time off to fight toxins and bacteria instead of digesting food.

e. Liver detox with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) – any kind of body detox is impossible without the help of the workaholic of our organism – the liver. If we boost it and help it perform better, the easier it will be for us to detox more efficiently! You can follow the guidelines in the article dedicated to the Mighty Liver!

  1. More detox techniques for joint inflammation

If you are looking for more ideas for body detoxing, I have a special offer for you – detox joint inflammation, lemon water for osteoarthritisI have compiled all the best methods of complete body purification in one single volume – “Complete Body Cleansing”.

There you can find everything, which is necessary for a whole detox. You can see specific in-depth cleansing rituals and recipes for each major organ – the liver and gallbladder, the colon, the kidneys, lungs, etc.

People following these recommendations, especially the 3-day juice cleanses and the anti-parasite programs have seen major improvements in their joint mobility. Their rheumatic pain subsided, the energy and vitality were increased, and their limbs were no longer working as a weather forecast stations before the rain and the cold!

Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation


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