Strong Immune System Tips to Prepare for Winter

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Tips for Strong Immune System to Prepare for Winter Weather

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Before and during winter, it is very important to take care of our bodies and strengthen your immune system naturally to counteract the viruses and bacteria. 
There are plenty of ways to strengthen the immune system against viruses and here in this post, I will do my best to sum out all my top suggestions to do so.
I will pinpoint the strong foundations we need to establish with long-lasting healthy habits throughout the year, so we can enjoy the fall and the winter with vibrant health and vitality!
If you feel that establishing new habits is hard, don’t forget to check out this article – it will definitely shed new light on the subject and make the process easier!

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Now, let’s get to the nuts and bolts of a super strong immune system!

  1. The strengthening the immune system diet plan

Everything starts from the diet and there is no getting around this! What we put in our bodies on a daily basis is crucial for our overall health, wellbeing, and energy levels! And as trite as it may sound, munching on organic fruits and vegetables is essential for our defense mechanisms to work properly. They supply the necessary vitamins, minerals, and micro-elements that our organism need to counteract the malicious attacks of viruses and bacteria!
Also, one very important point – stay away from processed sugar as much as possible! White sugar is known to act as an immune system suppressor and detoxing from it and rehabilitating our natural defense may take several months!
I know it may seem hard, but I have some awesome sugar detox hacks that will help you tremendously!tips for strong immune system, strengthening immune system diet, exercise for strong immune system

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  1. Immune system foods to eat for optimum gut health

Speaking of the healthy and strong immune system diet plan, we cannot skip the topic of gut health. As mentioned in one of the previous articles, more than 80% of our natural immunity is located in the intestines and more precisely – the beneficial colon bacteria. This means that taking care of these important microorganisms will have a powerful beneficial effect on our own health and wellness and the ability to counteract the malevolent micro  intruders – the viruses and bacteria. This is the perfect example of a natural symbiosis!
You can read more about which foods contain these probiotics helping us build a bulletproof immunity in this article: Building the Immune System with Probiotic Gut Health Foods

And one more very important thing while we are still on the topic of food! If we want to keep the guts in excellent shape, it is essential to control the amounts of gluten we take on a daily basis!
Even if you do not have a gluten sensitivity, that does not mean this wheat protein is not harming the colon, and  weakening the natural defense of our organism.

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  1. Take it easy with the antibiotics

One of the major causes of dysbiosis (the imbalance in the colon bacteria) is taking too many antibiotics too often. These substances harm the beneficial colon bacteria, which causes our immunity to weaken and opens the doors to more viral or bacterial infections to attack.
Does that mean that we should avoid antibiotics altogether? Absolutely not! These substances are extremely important saving countless lives every single day! But the main problem comes from irresponsible and unnecessary use of these powerful cures causing an antibiotic resistance and the creation of superbacteria!
That is why you should never self-medicate and always consult with your physician for the best course of action for your particular medical case!
Here is more info on the topic and the best natural after-antibiotic healing program to recover the colon bacteriaThe Ultimate After Antibiotics Restorative Program

  1. Exercise for strong immune system

Regular moderate exercising can have a tremendous beneficial effect for building a strong immune system! To explain the connection, we have to go back to daily stress. The more able we become to deal with the chronic pressure, the stronger our natural defense system becomes. Healthy workouts help us secret the “happy” hormones endorphin and dopamine, and thus – our ability to counteract the detrimental effects of cortisol are enhanced. Exercising also stimulates the cardiovascular and the respiratory systems and the formation of white blood cells (the “assassins” of malevolent intruders).
The key is to keep the workouts moderate, suitable for your particular physical capabilities, and to avoid over-exercising and exhaustion for it will lead to the exact opposite effects – weak immune system and stress.
Practicing yoga for strong immune system is an excellent way to start, but you can also check out my friend Allie’s home workout suggestions! ↓↓↓

No Crunch Ab Workout to Carve Your Core in 15 Minutes

  1. Get enough sleep

Speaking of dealing with stress and immunity, we have to mention the importance of quality sleep! In our modern hasty and stressful world, resting and having enough sleep is often overlooked. But sleep deprivation quickly comes back and bites us in the butt! The human body can live longer without food than without sleep which tells us how important that part of our being actually is.
Chronic lack of enough sleep leads to stress, obesity, predisposition to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and of course – to weakened defense mechanisms making us get sick more frequently.
The right amount of down time is personal for everyone depending on different factors such as physical activity, mental pressure during the day, age, etc. But scientists suggest between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, especially the time between midnight and 3 AM which is considered extremely beneficial for the whole organism and to build strong immune system naturally.

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tips for strong immune system, strengthening immune system diet, exercise for strong immune system

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