What is 10th House Lord in Fifth House in Astrology?

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What is 10th House Lord in Fifth House in Astrology? (Tenth House Ruler in 5th House)?


Today’s entry is a continuation of the blog series dedicated to the ruler of the tenth astrological house in the other natal houses. The previous entries are right here for you to check and absorb => First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House

This post series will give you some valuable insights you can use at your disposal for choosing your vocation (in case you are right at the start of your professional path) or a better job (when you feel you are not in the right place doing the correct thing for you), and subsequently fulfilling your destiny and living a more comfortable life with a better social status and recognition!

But first things first – if you are a complete newbie to the process of finding your Medium Coeli lord in your natal cart, here is a quick manual:

  1. Take your astrological chart and look at it very closely. If you do not know how to get one, you can check these instructions right here and create one for FREE in no time! All you need to know is your exact birth time (as accurate as possible) and place => Astrology Career Guidance (DIY Astrology Free Career Report)
  2. Look for the sign which is at the cusp of your Midheaven (also known as MH, tenth house, Medium Coeli or MC);
  3. Look for the ruler of your tenth house and which house it is placed in.

If you are not acquainted with the lords of the zodiac signs and the houses, here is a quick manual:

  • The first astrological house (aka The Ascendant or the rising sign) is represented by Aries and its ruler is Mars;
  • The second astrological house is represented by Taurus and its ruler is Venus;
  • The third astrological house is represented by Gemini and its ruler is Mercury;
  • The fourth astrological house (aka Immum Coeli) is represented by Cancer and its ruler is the Moon;
  • The fifth astrological house is represented by Leo and its ruler is the Sun;
  • The sixth astrological house is represented by Virgo and its ruler is also Mercury;
  • The seventh astrological house (aka the Descendent) is represented by Libra and its ruler is also Venus;
  • The eighth astrological house is represented by Scorpio and its ruler is Pluto;
  • The ninth astrological house is represented by Sagittarius and its ruler is Jupiter;
  • The tenth astrological house (aka Medium Coeli) is represented by Capricorn and its ruler is Saturn;
  • The eleventh astrological house is represented by Aquarius and its ruler is Uranus;
  • The twelfth astrological house is represented by Pisces and its ruler is Neptune;

Here is an example, if your Midheaven is in Taurus, you need to look at the position of Venus in your natal chart and the astrological house it is in.

What is Midheaven in astrology and how it can help us with our career?

The Medium Coeli point in astrology (aka MC or MH) is the highest point in the natal chart. This means that it can give us a lot of information about our potential in the fields of work, career, professional development, and social status. As you can see above in the list of houses and their rulers, Midheaven (or also called the tenth astrological house) is represented by the zodiac sign of Capricorn and its natural lord is the “great malefic” Saturn (Cronos – the ancient god of time).

What does that mean? This simply means that the tenth house in astrology is naturally connected to Capricorn and its typical characteristics and traits – career, ambition, our drive to move higher up the professional ladder, the desire to improve our social status, and how and for which activities we gain recognition.

In addition, by taking a closer look at our Midheaven point, we can get a lot of interesting information about one of our parents (usually the father or the bread-winner of the family) and our relationship with them. Here we can also analyze the areas or our reputation, the desire for success and fame, our relationship with higher authorities and the government.

Medium Coeli is also the point where we look at not only our career development and the professional environment, but also the social status and recognition we may acquire as a result of following our path and our vocation.

Here’s something important to consider: the tenth house’s natural ruler is the slow-moving Saturn (the planet of karma, restriction, responsibilities, and discipline). So, keep in mind that most people will have various professional experiences and will feel their way into their best vocation only after this planet makes a full circle around our natal chart. This is the so called Saturn return (or Saturn revolution) which happens around our 30th birthday. You can learn more about this HERE.

So, as a recap – if you are in search for a career change into something more joyous and satisfying, keep reading below, and see if the suggestions given resonate with you, and whether they are related to your personal preferences and hobbies (I used the word “hobbies” intentionally since this will be of great significance with this astrological placement – tenth house lord in the fifth house)! Follow your sense of inner truth (your intuition) and you will be on your path! No one else can tell you really what you are here to do and what vocation it is best to choose!

What does the Midheaven lord in fifth house in astrology mean?

Before we begin, you may start by checking the sign which is placed at the cusp of your tenth astrological house and get a sense of its meaning when it comes to career development and social status. All the entries are right HERE.

So, today we will take a look at the Midheaven’s lord placed in the fifth house in the natal chart. What does that mean and how it can be useful when it comes to making career choices and job changes?

But first, we need describe and get a sense of the area which is governed by the 5th house in astrology and how it relates to the Medium Coeli.

The fifth house in astrology is represented by Leo and it is naturally ruled by the Sun. But what does that mean?

The 5th house is related to the following areas:

  • Our children – fifth house is connected to our offspring and can signify our relationship with the process of procreation. It can give us some interesting information how our kids may turn out or in which areas they might be interested in.
  • Romance – the 5th astrological house is also related to the process of flirtation, our romantic partners, our emotional attitude towards others, the love that we give to the world, to our kids, to our partners.
  • Pleasure – romance and pleasure are usually connected, but here we mean everything that gives us a sense of enjoyment and happiness – our hobbies, our children, vacations, recreational activities, entertainment, sports, etc.
  • Creativity – as I mentioned previously, this is the house of our hobbies which are usually an expression of our natural inner creativity.
  • The spotlight – remember that the fifth house is the house of Leo and it is ruled by the Sun! This is the place where we shine, so it is deeply related to being under the spotlight, and being recognized for our creativity and talents!
  • Gambling – the dark side of this astrological house is the inclination towards gambling (or the lack of it). By analyzing this area in our chart and its ruler, we may get a sense of our ability to take risks and the love (or the hate) for speculations.
  • Politics and social affairs – since these areas are also connected to being in the spotlight, being visible and shining, fifth house can also represent politics, while tenth house is the governing body (the government itself).

So, how do these areas relate to the career opportunities we may receive in our lifetime or the vocation that we feel drawn to?

Having your 10th house lord in the fifth house in the natal chart can manifest in all sorts of ways. For example, this could mean that your career is in a way related to children or working with children, such as a teacher (especially a kindergarten or primary school teacher), entertainer for kids (imagine a kids show host), a pediatrician (especially if Virgo is at the cusp of the 10th house), etc. Or this astrological placement may drive you to be your own kids agent – a devoted parent who stimulates their children to be successful.

Another option can be a hobby of yours which turns into a career – the key component here is that what you do and what you devote yourself to gives you an immense sense of pleasure. It is an expression of your inner creativity! The variations are endless depending on your natural inclinations and the sign at the cusp of Medium Coeli. For example, with 10th house in Aquarius, you may be driven more into jobs related to technology or the esoteric field, such as astrology, numerology, tarot, etc. With tenth house in Libra or Taurus, you may be someone devoted to the fine arts – a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, home decorator etc. And the list goes on and on – only you know for yourself what area gives you joy and satisfaction!

The MC lord in the 5th house can also mean fame in any shape or form – being under the spotlight and at the center of attention may be extremely important to you! This is an excellent placement for becoming an actor, singer, a politician, a TV host, a social media influencer or any kind of celebrity or an entertainer. But also, keep in mind that this is the house of your children. So, it is also possible that your kids may become famous and you will be their guide and supporter to help them achieve their celebrity status!

As far as gambling goes, this astrological placement may also be good for being part of any speculative business, such as stock trading and investing (especially if Taurus is at the cusp of the 10th house). Taking risks may come naturally to you and with a tenth house cusp in Gemini, any form of entrepreneurship may be a good fit to you!

Another great option for a career choice with this placement is sports. You may be very competitive and being in this field may give you an excellent edge before your opponents. For example, with a tenth house cusp in Aries or an Aries Ascendant, you may have a strong inclination towards being an athlete – plus most of the good ones also achieve celebrity status, which is perfect for people with 10th house lord in the fifth astrological house!

And finally, romance – chances are that flirtation and romance may also be very important to you and your career development and advancement! All judgement aside, we are very different and for some people this may be the best and most harmonic option. For example, should you have your tenth house in Libra, partnerships are essential to your social status and career. So, it is only natural that a romantic relationship may turn into a business opportunity or a family enterprise.  Or you may be a talented artist or actor who becomes famous for their roles in romantic movies or their love-related art! With Medium Coeli in Gemini, you may be a wonderful romance author or screenwriter!

Are you still confused? Here’s how to make the best career choice!

If you are a fan of this blog (which I am deeply flattered by, if you are), you probably have noticed that I often mention the Human Design system as a complementary tool in addition to astrology! I really like calling it “astrology on steroids”, because it is that good and encompassing! 😀

Why? Simply because this system is extremely practical – this is something to test out for yourself; something to work with and examine the benefits of. It is not about believing in some theoretical knowledge – it is about practicing. That is why Human Design is a wonderful and the best tool for making choices and decisions.

And if you look at it this way, what is life but a path made of decision after decision – what food to eat today, what partner to choose, what job to take, etc. Each and every one of these options will give us a specific result and will take us in a different direction.

Correct decisions bring us closer to our best selves, improve our lives, they make us feel better and happier.

But how to know which one is the correct decision? We live in a society built on universal truths – everyone does this, or everybody does that. The best diet is this or the worst diet is that, and so on. But this approach implies that we are all the same, which cannot be further from the truth! That is why most people feel dissatisfied with their lives following other people’s pieces of advice. 

And here comes Human Design which teaches us how to be our own unique selves, following our own inner authority, our inner sense of truth.

But it would be extremely hard for me to explain how this system operates! It is a form of a magical blend of Judaic Kabbalah, astronomy, genetics, astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, I’Ching, Quantum Physics, the law of attraction, biochemistry, esotericism and spirituality!

WOW, it does sound like too much, but fear not! There is a simple way to start out in small steps and work your way through the system.

You can start by acquainting yourself with Human Design by reading a book or two. For example, the best guide you can commence your journey (in my opinion) with is the “Living Your Design” textbook by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu as a co-author (the father of Human Design). The Definitive Book of Human Design and the HD books by Karen Curry are also wonderful for beginners! You can check all of my suggestions and recommendations in the article specifically dedicated to this topic right HERE => Best Human Design Books to Read Today

Start your experiment today and you will never regret it!

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