{Revealed} Find the BEST career of your 10th House Lord in 10th House Placement

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Find the BEST career of your 10th House Lord in the 10th House Placement (Tenth House Ruler in the Tenth House)


What does your mother-in-law has to do with your career? Stay put and I will spill the beans down below!

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Table of contents:
The meaning of Midheaven in astrology
The meaning of the 10th house ruler in the 10th house
The 10th house lord in the 10th house in Vedic astrology (10th lord Nakshatra)
Recommended books and additional reads

Let’s continue the 10th house lord’s journey through the other twelve astrological houses and how these placements would give us a much better picture of the best professional aspirations we might pursue! So far we have covered the Midheaven ruler in the following houses: => First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House | Fifth House | Sixth House | Seventh House | Eighth House, and the Ninth House. If the ruling planet of your Medium Coeli cusp is located somewhere in these areas, feel free to jump straight into the respective article.

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Now, back to our topic at hand here – the Midheaven ruler in the 10th astrological sign! Well, if this sounds too complicated, and you are not entirely sure if this article applies to you, let me give you some practical guidelines to determine the lord of your 10th house! If you know your birth chart as the back of your hand, you can jump straight to the chapters below to find out how to unlock your career potential!

So, for complete newbies wondering “Which planet is the lord of 10th house?”, here’s what you need to do!

  1. Create your natal chart (if you haven’t done so already). The full and detailed instructions how to do this, are described in the previous article: Astrology Career Guidance (DIY Astrology Free Career Report). There you will find a nifty 10th house ruler calculator.
  2. Now, locate the cusp of your 10th It is right at the top of your birth chart and it is often signified as MH or MC. See which zodiac sign it is placed in, and read the article which is dedicated to this astrological placement. For instance, should your 10th house cusp is in Leo, go and see what that means and how it is connected to your most suitable jobs and professional fields. You can find all the remaining eleven posts in this series right HERE!
  3. Next, how to find the 10th house lord? To do so, see the table down below! In my aforementioned example, if your Midheaven is in Leo, the 10th house planet ruler is the Sun. Well, technically the Sun is not a planet, but you get the point!
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Aries (), the ruling planet is Mars (♂);
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Taurus (), the ruling planet is Venus (♀);
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Gemini (), the ruling planet is Mercury ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Cancer (), the ruling celestial body is the Moon ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Leo (), the ruling star is the the Sun ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Virgo (), the ruling planet is Mercury ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Libra (), the ruling planet is Venus (♀);
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Scorpio (), the ruling planet is Pluto ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Sagittarius (), the ruling planet is Jupiter ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Capricorn (), the ruling planet is Saturn ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Aquarius (), the ruling planet is Uranus ();
  • If your 10th house cusp is in Pisces (), the ruling planet is Neptune ().
  1. The final step is to locate the ruling planet (or a luminary) and see in which astrological house it is placed. If the lord of the MC is also located in the 10th house itself, then today’s article is just for you! Otherwise, search the blog post series and find the one that matches your correct placement!

The meaning of Midheaven in astrology

Today’s article in this series is very special because we have only one star – the tenth house itself. So, to fully untangle this topic, we need to get a really detailed description of what Midheaven is and which areas of our life it governs. This will be of upmost importance to anyone who has their 10th house lord in the 10th house. This means that this astrological house would be extremely highlighted, and it would play a major role in picking the most suitable career path.

Let’s begin!

  • The house of career

Yes, this is why we pay so much attention to the Medium Coeli point – it represents our best career field where we have the ability to unlock our greatest potential. The sign at the cusp of the tenth house, the placement of the tenth house ruler, the planets and luminaries located in this house, and the aspects to the 10th house cusp can all have an impact on our career choices and our potential for climbing up the professional ladder!

  • The house of our father and authority figures

The tenth house is where we can see our father, father and authority figures, and our attitude towards these archetypes. Well, generally speaking, and to better reflect our modern society, the Midheaven point shows our dominant parent or the bread-winning parent in our birth family. Historically speaking, this was usually the father, but in today’s world it could be our mother as well. In this case, the father would be seen in the fourth house in your natal chart. But then again, in the past most people (usually the boys) were occupied in the same line of work as their fathers, and this is where we have this powerful bond between career and the image of our papas. Today it is still quite beneficial to look at the characteristics of our fathers and their career field to better understand the professional potential we ourselves hold in according to our birth chart! Here I would also like to mention something quite important – the relationship with our own fathers will have a deep influence to our ability to succeed in life, especially in our work and in society in general. So, if this area is important to you, I highly encourage you to take a deep look at the astrological placements regarding your tenth house, and your attitude towards your dominant parent as well. And if there are any troubles there, the family constellations tool would be your best ally in improving the situation, and in unlocking your potential for success and material gains!

  • The house of the government and authorities

This point is again tightly connected and intertwined with the previous one (which is also confirmed by Bert Hellinger and his successors – the founder of the family constellations system). Our father archetype or the father complex we have (as the Jungian psychologists would call it) will have a direct impact on how we deal with the outer world in general, with authorities, and the government – as the father being the absolute symbol of authority and hierarchy. Challenging astrological activations regarding your tenth house may signify issues with your father, but also – with the governing authorities as well. And again – healing the connection with our papa and processing these tough aspects in our chart will have a direct positive impact on how we deal with our state affairs!

  • The house of our highest achievements, reputation, and fame

As I mentioned previously, the Midheaven house is where we can see our relationship with the outer world and this is where we can peek into our potential for greatness! Yes, our highest achievements are usually the result of our work efforts, but this may not necessarily be the exact way we achieve fame. So, we need to look at the MC from a much broader perspective as our general ability to achieve some form of popularity or notoriety. This house can show you what you may be remembered for even long after your physical existence is over. Remember that MH is naturally ruled by Saturn – the planet of time and karma – it has the ability to work beyond time and space, and possibly as a bridge between our various incarnations (through the laws of karma).

  • The house of our social status

The process of climbing up the professional ladder usually has a direct effect on our ability to accumulate assets and achieve a better social status. Well, this is not always the case since the tangible and intangible riches we may gain in this lifetime are seen in the second house. However, these areas are usually interlinked and should be interpreted together, rather than in isolation. For more information on this topic, check out the book recommendations down below, and especially “Vocation” by Brian Clark. However, Medium Coeli will show you your potential for improving your status in the social hierarchy through your professional achievements and work ethics (well, the house is ruled by the driven and industrious Capricorn, after all!).

  • The house of the work of our children

Each house can be seen as a derivative house as well. What does that mean? Well, the fifth house represents your children, and the tenth house will be the sixth from the fifth. So, your Midheaven will also show what type of day-to-day job (the 6th house) your children (the 5th house) may have. And this makes a lot of sense. As we touched on this subject previously – in the past most people would simply continue the line of work of their fathers. And this is also where we have surnames like Smith, Baker, Shoemaker, Sheppard, Cook, Carpenter, etc.

  • The house of your mother-in-law

Again, the tenth house as a derivative house can be seen as the fourth (the mother or the caregiving parent) from the seventh (your spouse). In other words, this is the house where you can take a peek at your mother-in-law. Cool, right?

The meaning of the 10th house ruler in the 10th house

Now that we uncovered what the tenth house in astrology means and which areas of our life it governs, let’s see how this peculiar placement (10th house ruler in the 10th house natal) may play out!

As you may gather, in this case here we would have to put an extra weight on the Medium Coeli in comparison to the other placements of the lord (you can find all of them in this article series). And the simple reason for this is that the tenth house lord is in domal dignity. This means that it is extremely well-placed – in the zodiac sign and the house it rules. If there are not any strong challenging aspects to this planet (or luminary), we can safely say that the natal’s Midheaven would play an even more important and essential part in their life.

So, to put this in even simpler terms – having your Medium Coeli ruler in the tenth house would make you an extremely driven and ambitious person. Generally speaking, this astrological configuration would give you a great potential for possessing all the necessary traits for becoming successful in your career path, to gain the best possible social status, and to acquire some form of recognition (at least in your professional field).

Naturally, these requirements have to be in the domain of Capricorn and Saturn – the true rulers of the MC. Yes, it may not sound too appealing to many people, but according to astrology, our abilities to be successful in the work place and in society in general requires cultivating qualities like grit, persistence, a strong work ethic, ambition, self-discipline, accepting the inevitability of having some forms of restrictions and challenges, etc. Fortunately, those who possess this placement (10th house ruler in the 10th house), are extremely likely to have these traits installed in them by birth.

As far as the actual professional field goes, it would largely depend on the 10th house ruler sign, and other significant factors (like the Ascendant, for instance). However, it is very likely for such a person to choose the same line of work of their father (or the dominant parent) or it may even be the same professional field as the mother-in-law’s. Other possible outcome may be that the father may play a huge role in the choice of career in your life. Keep in mind though, that this process goes both ways – choosing a professional path to make your papa proud (with positive aspects and placements) or to choose the exact opposite vocation out of spite (with challenging aspects to the 10th house cusp or the 10th house lord).

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Either way, be sure that proving yourself in your line of work or proving yourself in general as a trustworthy and hard-working person may be extremely important to you throughout your whole life. This may be the single most driving force which would always push you to achieve more!

If this sounds too good to be true, just hold tight! I think that the biggest pitfall for such astrological placement is becoming too obsessed with your career that everything else may fall down to the backseat – your personal and romantic life, having and raising children, having hobbies and leisure time, nurturing friendships, etc. Remember that the beauty of life comes from maintaining a balance – just like riding a bicycle.

The 10th house lord in the 10th house in Vedic astrology (10th lord Nakshatra)

Well, to be fully honest, Vedic astrology is not my strongest suit, but I find it extremely fascinating and intriguing. I will definitely be researching this branch of this ancient knowledge because I think it can hold great practical value in our modern-day life.

That is why in an effort to be helpful to you, I will direct you to one of the best Vedic astrologers (in my opinion, of course) today Kapiel Raaj. He will do a much better job at explaining this matter in great detail:

Also, don’t forget to calculate your Nakshatra beforehand! Here’s a nifty tool by Prokerala.

Recommended books and additional reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

This is without a doubt one of the best astrological books on this topic. Well, maybe I am a bit biased since I really love Jan Spiller and all her works! However, if you are looking for a practical and informative volume dedicated to the area of the 10th house, this is the go-to place! The author does a great job at analyzing in great detail the most essential parts of the chart interpretations regarding the best career choice we can make.

You will learn the step-by-step process of uncovering the secrets of your Midheaven – everything you need to take into account before making the final decision on your vocation and life mission on Earth. These steps include: the sign at the Medium Coeli cusp, the placement of the 10th house lord, the planets and luminaries located in your career house (if any), the Lunar nodes and how they are connected to our professional field, etc. With her deep knowledge and practical wisdom in the vast depths of this ancient self-exploration system, Jan Spiller gives us the roadmap to success, fulfillment, better social status, and abundance! Grab this must-have ASAP!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology book series

This is another great book series on the topic of astrology I think every follower of this ancient knowledge should have in their personal library! These works by Marion March and Joan McEvers are one of the best step-by-step textbooks on astrology. Well, I have to admit that they do have one major drawback – I think the books don’t go in deep details on each topic. However, I still use them every single day as powerful references – they are indeed some of the best series that deliver this ancient system in a well-structured and organized way!

For the purpose of analyzing your natal chart (or the birth charts of close friends and family members), I would recommend you grab at least the first 3 volumes – they give us the absolute framework of the horoscope interpretation. And here’s why I think they are essential astrology must-haves! As I mentioned previously in this article, any area of the natal chart should not be analyzed in isolation. The whole chart should be kept at the back of our minds at all times. Yes, this process starts from the very base of our horoscope, such as the rising sign, the number planets below and above the horizon as well as East or West from the MC/IC line, the type of our chart (a locomotive, a bucket, etc.), the dominant elements and planets, the placements of the personal planets and luminaries, etc. All these details should be taken into account before making important decisions in our lives with the help of astrology. Here’s a simple example: it would be more unlikely for a person with a strong Leo in their chart to be under the spotlight and become an actor, if all of their planets are under the horizon. The more probable choice of work would be something that would allow them to shine in a much more introverted way from the comfort and safety of their home, for instance. That is why I encourage you to dive deep into your chart analysis and see for yourself! Grab book one, two, and three of the series, and uncover your immense potential one step at a time!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

Lastly, I would like to suggest a very nifty and practical astrological career guide that would completely change how you see yourself, your capabilities, and hidden talents! If there’s anything that Jan Spiller may have missed in her amazing book “The Astrology of Success”, “Vocation” would be the next best thing to add more flavor and important details to the process of uncovering your ultimate life mission!

What I personally like about Brian Clark’s work is that it goes way beyond the 10th house, as it should be! In this book you will learn the connection between your Midheaven and other essential astrological houses that should be taken into account. These are: the first house (our personality), the fifth house (our hobbies and one of the fame houses), the ninth house (one of the houses of Dharma and our life purpose), the sixth house (our job and daily work environment), etc. So, all in all, if the topic of our vocation and career development is important to you, I think this book should also have a place in your personal library! Happy reading!


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