What is 10th House Lord in Sixth House in Astrology?

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What is 10th House Lord in Sixth House in Astrology? (Tenth House Ruler in 6th House)?


We continue with our series on the topic of the tenth house lord through the astrological houses – how this is connected to our vocation and our best options for a fulfilling career. You can check the previously published articles HERE =>First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House | Fifth House

Who might benefit from these blog entries? Pretty much everyone – those of you who are on the verge of choosing a career for the first time, choosing a university to apply to, for people who already have some professional experience but are dissatisfied with their current job, those who feel there is something more to their life – the sensation that there is a mission they need to fulfil but they are not sure what exactly it is! If you recognize yourself in one of these categories, keep reading!

What do you need to do first?

You have to get acquainted with your natal chart (also called your astrological chart) and find your tenth house and its ruler. If you are a complete beginner and you do not know what any of this means, worry not – I have a very simple tutorial how to do so!

  1. Grab your natal chart and take a closer look at it. If you do not have one and don’t know how to make it, I have described the whole process right here – it takes very little time and effort! But, be aware that you will need your exact birth time and place and it has to be as precise as possible! => Astrology Career Guidance (DIY Astrology Free Career Report)
  2. Find your Midheaven point and the sign it is placed in. The Midheaven point is also the cusp of the tenth house and it is sometimes called Medium Coeli or MH and MC for short.
  3. Find the lord of your tenth house (Midheaven, Medium Coeli).

Here is a quick list of all the twelve astrological signs and the planets they are ruled by to help you out:

  • The lord of the first sign (Aries) is Mars (astrological glyph – ♂);
  • The lord of the second sign (Taurus) is Venus (astrological glyph – ♀);
  • The lord of the third sign (Gemini) is Mercury (astrological glyph – ☿);
  • The lord of the fourth sign (Cancer) is the Moon (astrological glyph – ☽ );
  • The lord of the fifth sign (Leo) is the Sun (astrological glyph – ☉);
  • The lord of the sixth sign (Virgo) is also Mercury just like the third one (astrological glyph -☿);
  • The lord of the seventh sign (Libra) is also Venus just like the second one (astrological glyph – ♀);
  • The lord of the eighth sign (Scorpio) is Pluto (astrological glyph -♇);
  • The lord of the ninth sign (Sagittarius) is Jupiter (astrological glyph -♃);
  • The lord of the tenth sign (Capricorn) is Saturn (astrological glyph – ♄ );
  • The lord of the eleventh sign (Aquarius) is Uranus (astrological glyph – ♅);
  • The lord of the twelfth sign (Pisces) is Neptune (astrological glyph – ♆);

For instance, if your Medium Coeli is in Pisces, look where Neptune is placed in the astrological chart, and more specifically – the house it is sitting in.

What is Midheaven in astrology and how it can help us with our career?

Midheaven (also known as MH or Medium Coeli/ MC) is considered to be the highest point in our natal charts – literally and figuratively speaking. If you have noticed in the picture above, the cusp of the tenth house is right at the top of the chart and it is no coincidence it is placed exactly there.

But why is it so important to look at this placement and to decipher it? The tenth astrological house represents our highest potential, what we are here to express into the world and what we are here to be known for (even after our time on Earth is over). In other words, our Medium Coeli may show us our best career options, our vocation in life, the social status we may acquire, and our best professional fields!

As you may have noticed previously, the tenth house is tightly connected to the sign of Capricorn and it is naturally ruled by Saturn – these are the elements in astrology which signify ambition, time, restrictions, discipline, immense desire to climb up the professional ladder, and responsibility.

But that’s not all! By analyzing our Midheaven (the sign it is placed in, the placement of the ruler, and the aspects to it) we can learn more about our relationship with one of our parents as well. This is usually the figure of the father or in rare occasions the mother if she is the head of the family. Here in this section of our chart we can also find out more about the reputation we would gain throughout our lifetime, especially in the fields of our career and our profession; the relationships we have with the government and the authorities in general.

Speaking of career, Midheaven does not just show our best professional development options, but also the environment itself in which we will grow career-wise and in social status.

And finally, here’s something else you need to know about the tenth house – since this astrological house is naturally ruled by Saturn (the planet of time), we need to take into account a significant event in our life path – the Saturn revolution. This happens approximately every 30 years and brings us lots of important changes, some of them are life-changing, and others are directly related to our professional development. To read more about this topic, I recommend you jump into my previous post right HERE => Saturn Return Career Change (Saturn Return Midlife Crisis)

So, to summarize – the blog series dedicated to the tenth house and the placement of the lords of the Medium Coeli is the perfect starting point for everyone who wants to commence their professional path the right way; for people who are in search of more fulfilling and better paying jobs; or those who simply wish to start a hobby or a side project which represents their passions and expresses their unique skillset!

Check my suggestions and feel for yourself if they resonate with your inner truth because no one else knows what’s in our heart and what we were born to do!

What does the Midheaven lord in sixth house in astrology mean?

Before we start this analysis, make sure you know exactly which astrological sign is at the top of your Midheaven point. If you want to read more about this, check out the posts dedicated to this topic right HERE!

For today we have the next part of the blog series dedicated to the tenth house lord through the houses, namely the Medium Coeli ruler in the sixth astrological house. What does that mean and what career opportunities we may look for?

To do that we need to pay some extra attention to the 6th house – which areas in our life it represents and how it will affect our professional development.

The sixth house in astrology is connected to Virgo and its natural ruler is Mercury (just like Gemini) and it will be related to the characteristics and typical traits of this zodiac sign. Here’s what I mean!

The 6th astrological house governs the following aspects of our life:

  • Your job – this is the house of our day-to-day work that we do almost every single day. In that sense, the sixth house shows us our role as servants, employees, and subordinates.
  • Your habits – this is directly connected to the previous point – the work that we do is also part of our routines. But this house goes a bit further – it can give us some valuable information about our habits and our habitual behavior – and as you may know, our life consists of small (or bigger) activities we do subconsciously on a regular basis. These have a great impact on our life in general (or in our professional development) since it is a major part of our existence!
  • Your health – Virgo is known to be the pharmacists of the zodiac (unfortunately, sometimes it can go to the extreme and become a hypochondriac) and the sixth house is directly related to our health and wellness. And as you may have sensed the deeper connection, our wellbeing is also a function of our habits – what we eat on a regular basis, do we habitually exercise, do we use some kind of stress management tools, etc. Here we can put a little bit of extra emphasis on the work-related discomforts and ailments we may acquire in our lifetime, especially if we do not make any effort to change and take care of ourselves.
  • Your pets – our pets are in a way our subordinates. They depend on us for food, shelter, water, and survival. So, this house also represents our connection to the animal world in this exact aspect – do we love having pets or not and does this have any connection to our work or profession?
  • Your clothes – the way we choose and wear garments is also part of the sixth astrological house. This is usually something that we do routinely and wear on a regular basis. Also, the need for being neat and tidy and to pay attention to one’s appearance is a typical Virgo trait!

So, now that we know what the sixth house is and which areas it represents, let’s take a look at how this relates to our professional development and best career options.

What does it mean to have the lord of the tenth house (the house of our career and ambition) into the house of work? In my opinion, this is one of the best astrological placements which may show you are a true workaholic. Your job may turn out to be your life-long career no matter what area you have chosen. For example, if your tenth house is in Capricorn or Aries, you may have an even stronger sense of ambition and always strive to climb the professional ladder regardless of the initial position you have started with. For instance, if you are a cashier in a fast-food restaurant, you may have the drive to go higher and become a manager or even a co-owner! The sky is the limit with such powerful placement!

Or maybe you are a realtor (especially with Medium Coeli in Taurus) or a stock broker (with Midheaven in Scorpio, for example) and in time you decide to open your very own company and continue your career development up the social and professional ladder! Or you probably have your 10th house in Gemini, you like writing or communicating and you end up having your own media or PR firm!

Another option is being in the field of the health and wellness industry in one way or another – a doctor, a dietitian, a healer, a yoga instructor or even a veterinarian (remember that the sixth house is the house of pets). These options are perfect if you have your tenth house in Virgo or Pisces and the Midheaven lord is placed in the sixth house!

Since the 6th house is about serving, this placement may help you choose a career which serves your community, your country or the world in general. For instance, with tenth house in Aries, you may be drawn to serve in the military; with tenth house in Cancer, you may feel like helping families, children or women in danger via different causes or by becoming a therapist (if your Midheaven is in Libra, you may be a wonderful marriage counselor!); and so on and so forth!

The most important thing to remember is that no one really knows best what is good for you! And my best advice is to follow your heart and your gut instinct. Use these suggestions merely as guidelines to test your intuition – do any of these make you feel like this is something you should pursue or is there something else you need to invest your energy in? And if you are still unsure about this process, keep reading because I have a special tool that might be just what you are looking for!

Are you still confused? Here’s how to make the best career choice!

Previously, I mentioned that no one really can tell you exactly what you will accomplish in life and what your best career option would be. Astrology can give us a wonderful perspective and some guidelines but only you and your soul know the correct answer!

But how do we uncover it? How to find out what exactly to do with our lives and which path to take?

My simple answer is Human Design. In my humble opinion, this is the best self-development and self-discovery system known to man so far! And the main reason for it is that it is quite pragmatic, straight-forward, and easy to start using right away! It gives you simple solutions for making the correct decisions for you personally instead of universal “truths” which do not suit everyone!

Moreover, this is the system which will teach you how exactly to start listening to your intuition and your body response instead of trying to figure things out in our minds out of fear and confusion!

At this point you might be wondering what this magical tool is and how it works. It would be very difficult for me to explain this in detail, but I would say this – Human Design is the perfect amalgam from the best parts of various systems and disciplines, such as the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, astronomy, Judaic Kabbalah, genetics, biochemistry, Quantum Physics, astrology, spirituality, the Chinese I’Ching, the law of attraction, and esotericism. Each and every of these elements brings to this system a unique perspective of our holistic beings because we are all of it – a body made of specific genetic material, a soul with a certain life path, a mind with its ability to perceive reality, an energy field that we interact with the world, etc. And the best way to find our life mission and our best decisions is by acknowledging our holistic nature by using a method which encompasses all of these elements!

And I believe that Human Design is the perfect option we have at our disposal for the time being!

If this resonates with you and you feel you need to take a look at this knowledge and experiment with it, here’s how I suggest you start your journey!

  1. Grab a book on this topic and get familiar with the system and its basics – your type, your inner authority for making decisions, and the not-self themes of your open centers. For instance, you can grab the “Live Your Design” textbook by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu (the creator of Human Design). The Definitive Book of Human Design or the works published by Karen Curry – they are excellent for absolute beginners! And for your convenience I have created a list of my top picks so you can make an easier choice where to begin. Check it out HERE => Best Human Design Books to Read Today
  2. Enroll in a course – the best way to start is by signing for the “Living Your Design” foundation course by the International Human Design School which will give you all the information you need to start your experiment and make better more correct and more fulfilling decisions!

Good luck!

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