{Born to be a CIA Agent?} The SECRETS of your 10th House Lord in the 12th House

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The SECRETS of Your 10th House Lord in the 12th House Placement (Tenth House Ruler in the Twelfth House)?



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Table of contents:
What is 10th house in astrology?
The SECRETS of your 10th house lord in the 12th house
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We are finally at the end of the blog series dedicated to the 10th house ruler through the astrological houses! And today we will take a deep look at its last position – the tenth house lord in the 12th house in astrology and its meaning when it comes to choosing a fulfilling and successful career.

However, before we do that I would like to share with you something quite intriguing which I think would spark your interest. I have been using astrology and the law of attraction for many years now, and I have found some extremely valuable nuggets, especially in the area of success and having professional achievements. Following the guidelines from my natal chart and some practical manifesting rituals, I managed to become an Amazon best-selling author, and I wish to share this blueprint with you! However, this would take quite a chunk of my time, and I want to give this tutorial only to those who are absolutely serious about using astrology as a self-development tool! So, if I decide to go with this pursuit, this report would be available for FREE only to my email subscribers. What do you think? Leave me a comment below and let me know if you would be interested in receiving such a guidebook!

OK, let’s get back to our main topic today – how to find your true vocation in life by decoding the secrets in your birth chart, and your 10th house ruler in the twelfth house placement!

I will give you the simplest step-by-step guidelines that would be suitable even for complete astrology beginners. Otherwise, if you know your horoscope as the back of your hand and you wish to just read the analysis, feel free to just go straight to the respective section of this article.

Alternatively, if today’s topic doesn’t ring a bell as to its meaning, the following guidelines are for you to help you determine the placement of your Midheaven ruler!

  1. Logically, the absolute first step is to have your birth chart calculated. If you don’t have one yet, there are multiple free online tools to help you out with this task. Remember that you need to know your exact birth data – the date, the time, and the location – as accurate as possible.
  2. Next, you need to locate your 10th house cusp. This is usually depicted as an arrow pointing upwards with one of the following inscriptions – MC (the abbreviation for Medium Coeli) or MH (the abbreviation for Midheaven). Write down the zodiac sign in which the cusp of the Midheaven point is located.
  3. Determine the location of your tenth house ruler. If you are a complete astrological newbie, I will give you a very simple table down below to help you out in this process. NB! Some astrological signs have co-rulers, but for the sake of simplicity, I will mark down only the main ruling planet or luminary. For example, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto as well as Mars, but we will be focusing only on the main ruler – Pluto. The co-rulers will be the topic of more in-depth chart interpretation articles, so stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter to be amongst the first to get free access to this information!
  • If your MC cusp is in Aries (), the lord is Mars (♂);
  • If your MC cusp is in Taurus (), the lord is Venus (♀);
  • If your MC cusp is in Gemini (), the lord is Mercury ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Cancer (), the lord is the Moon ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Leo (), the lord is the the Sun ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Virgo (), the lord is Mercury ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Libra (), the lord is Venus (♀);
  • If your MC cusp is in Scorpio (), the lord is Pluto ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Sagittarius (), the lord is Jupiter ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Capricorn (), the lord is Saturn ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Aquarius (), the lord is Uranus ();
  • If your MC cusp is in Pisces (), the lord is Neptune ().

Let’s illustrate this with a simple example to make things clearer and easier to grasp! In case your 10th house ruler sign is Sagittarius, you would need to locate Jupiter (the ruling planet for the ninth astrological sign) in your birth chart. If Jupiter is placed in your 12th house, then you are in the right place – this blog post will give you some practical knowledge how to choose a career which is more in tune with your life’s mission!

What is 10th house in astrology?

The reason why we need to analyze the location of the 10th house lord is because this astrological house is extremely important when it comes to career and success. And to fully understand this tenth house ruler in the twelfth house placement, we need to take a deep look at the Midheaven cusp and what it stands for in astrology! Let’s begin!

  • Your father

This aspect of the Medium Coeli point is often undeservingly overlooked. Most people are too focused on the potential for career success while forgetting that our fathers play a huge role in this process. Understanding our relationship with our dad, and making conscious improvements can have a profound positive effect on how we deal with our professional growth, and how we deal with the outer world in general. So, the characteristics of your papa, as seen in this astrological house, can be extremely helpful when it comes to taking advantage of the skills and talents that may be passed down from generation to generation – and ultimately that lead to success! It is no coincidence that in the past, people would just continue working in the same professional filed as their dads, perfecting their craft, and getting more and more recognition and success with each generation!

  • The authorities

As I mentioned previously, our father archetype shapes our worldview and how we deal with the outer world (outside of our home and private space). And that includes all kinds of outer authorities as well – our teachers, mentors, bosses, the law enforcement, and the ultimate authority – the government. So, again, your tenth house cusp, the lord of the MC and its aspects can tell a long story how you deal with these areas of your life, and more importantly – whether you have the ability to take advantage of or receive support from them or vice versa.

  • Your social status

As I like to often point out – your tenth house may or may not signify becoming wealthy per se or amassing lots of assets. This is the domain of the second house (the assets we accumulate from our own efforts), the eighth house (how we deal with other people’s money), as well as the eleventh house (the assets we can accumulate from our career). That is why I always encourage people to analyze their natal chart in its entirety, not just some specific area in isolation. (NB! These houses and their rulers will be the focus of future posts, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to receive all the latest scoop from the blog!) However, what your Midheaven can show you is your potential for climbing up the ladder of the social hierarchy!

  • Your reputation

This aspect of the MH is tightly connected to the previous one. Your reputation and your potential for getting recognition from others is deeply intertwined with our social status and how other people see us. Do they perceive us as successful and worthy of respect or not? This is also the astrological house of fame, especially postmortem recognition. Here you can see what you can be remembered for even after your existence on Earth is over. And this often has to do with your overall reputation and professional achievements. Which leads us to the next big thing about the MC – achievements.

  • Your biggest achievements in life

The 10th house in astrology is the go-to place to analyze when it comes to your potential for your greatest accomplishments. These are usually connected to our professional development, but that’s not always the case. Again, think about everything in the line of your reputation, what people will remember you for, and what you are going to leave behind you after you are gone.

  • Your vocation

You probably landed on this page because of this one aspect of the 10th house, and that’s totally fine. This is something extremely important to pretty much every human being. It is no coincidence that the MH cusp is the highest point in our natal charts. This is something way beyond our day to day jobs that pay the bills (the sixth house). This is our life’s calling – something bigger than us, something that gives us the ultimate meaning of our existence, that gives us a purpose.

  • Your mother-in-law

Say what?! Let me explain! Every astrological house in our chart can be seen as a derivative house. This means that the fourth house (the mother) from the seventh (our spouse) will show us the mother of our spouse – our mother-in-law. Also, 10th house is the job of our children – the sixth house (our job) from the fifth (our kids). This is also the seventh (the spouse) from the fourth (the mother) – the spouse of our mother which is usually our dad.

I hope you got a better understanding about the meaning and the significance of the Midheaven cusp in your birth chart. Now let’s untangle the 10th house ruler in the 12th house placement to go deeper into the topic of choosing a life-long fulfilling career using the awesome tool of astrology!

The SECRETS of your 10th house lord in the 12th house

Now that we uncovered what the 10th house in astrology signifies, we need to take a deeper look at the other part of the equation – 12th house. To have your tenth house ruler in the twelfth house means that these two areas of your life are tightly connected and intertwined. That is why we need to uncover what 12th house governs and what it stands for. Let’s begin!

  • Your hidden strengths and weaknesses

The twelfth house in astrology is the place where you can find all kinds of hidden stuff that not even you are fully aware of. This includes some skills, talents, strengths, abilities, as well as weaknesses and soft spots. The key theme here is “unconscious” – these are some inclinations that you don’t know about yourself, and you have the opportunity to unearth along the way, if you are self-aware enough.

  • Your secrets

The 12th house (along with the 8th) is one of the most powerful houses of secrets. Here you can find anything that happens behind the scenes in secrecy. And as you learned in the previous point, these things can be hidden even from your own conscious mind. That is why this is the house associated with our sub- and un-consciousness. It is often called the “trashcan of the horoscope” – if there is anything too painful or embarrassing we wish to hide and bury deep, this is the go-to place to look for it.

  • Confinements

This last astrological house is connected to anything which has to do with confined spaces and closed doors – prisons, hospitals, mental institutions, and sometimes your own home, etc. I think you start to get the main theme here – something is happening away from people’s curious eyes, behind closed doors, and in secrecy.

  • Caring and empathy

Since this house is ruled by Pisces and Neptune (the sign of religion), the twelfth house is considered to be the place where we can see our ability and the drive to care for others and be empathetic with their plight. This could be a deeply spiritual house that shows our past-life karmic debt that we need to balance through caring and helping others in need.

  • Your secret enemies

Unfortunately, this is the astrological house in our natal chart where we can see our enemies that are hidden from us, people that we don’t even consider as rivals or foes. This is also the house of hidden obstacles and unforeseeable challenges.

I know that the information described above may seem a bit unsettling. However, I encourage you to not feel frightened or doomed! Our free will always plays a vital role in this process. Just by taking a look at these astrological placements and understating the challenges that they may pose is the most important first step to bring back your power!

Now, let’s see what the 12th house may show you about your possible career choice!

The first obvious thing here is that by having your tenth house lord in the twelfth house may be a powerful significator for having a successful career that will employ some of your talents and skills that you may not be fully aware of! In this case, I would advise you look closely at what you are naturally good at, and what comes like a second nature to you. Other people may also give you some excellent clues.  Your hidden talents may be quite visible to others, and as soon as you become aware of these inclinations, you gain the power to utilize them in your professional development!

The second big thing that this astrological placement offers is the ultimate opportunity to work behind the scenes. This can be in any work area that you feel drawn to. Think of yourself as the director or the producer that manages all the moving pieces in a play without being visible to the audience. This is like being a true puppeteer in your career. Well, this can be quite literally speaking, especially if Gemini or Mercury are involved. Or it can be figuratively speaking – the “neck” that guides the “head” to move in a certain direction – that trusted adviser or the loyal assistant behind the person who is at the center of people’s attention.

This placement is also excellent for working in any confined space, in seclusion and in peace. Many talented writers have their 10th house lord in the 12th house. Again – you need to have other “clues” in your chart to support this. For example, having your MC in Gemini and Mercury in the twelfth house. Or having Mercury as a dominant planet. Psst! The dominants in astrology are extremely powerful significators for your best career choice, and they will be covered later on in this blog. So, make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified when all the new FREE info is published!

Another great option for this placement is having a very fulfilling career in medicine. This is especially true if you have other astrological activations associated with medicine, like a dominant Virgo or Scorpio in the chart. Working as a psychologist, physiatrist, a nurse or a doctor is quite possible. Remember that the twelfth house is related to our sub-conscious mind, caring for others, and confined places. Having a career in some humanitarian cause is also quite plausible, especially if Pisces or Neptune are involved.

Actually, something else that comes to mind is being an extremely talented illusionist! This is the house of Pisces and the ruling planet Neptune is the significator of illusions and delusions. However, I think that a well-placed Mercury will be also quite handy (pun intended!) with this profession since all illusionists must be extremely dexterous!

If there are other indicators in your natal chart, you might become an extremely skillful secret agent, especially if Scorpio and Pluto are involved! In other words, there may be something quite secretive about your career, and you might need to keep a lot of stuff hidden from the public eye. Moreover, I also think that this placement is very good for achieving success in archeology which is basically searching for the hidden secrets buried deep a long time ago.

Now, before I close this chapter, I would like to make an important note! As I mentioned previously, the 12th house in astrology is connected to our secret enemies. So, what I would encourage you to do is be extremely careful and mindful along your career development and climb up the professional ladder. It is possible with this placement to make a few enemies along the way. These may not necessarily be malicious adversaries, but just some envious colleagues. However, I do wish to advise you to be respectful of others, give others credit where credit is due, and acknowledge and cherish those who help you in your professional field. Remember that success does not come all by itself and we all receive help in one way or another. Do your best to avoid stepping on other people’s toes and boasting too much about your accomplishments. Again, the natal chart has to be analyzed as a whole, and each case may be different. For instance, with Aries at the cusp of the Midheaven, and Mars in 12th house career ruler, you may be too competitive in your work space, always striving get people to bite your dust. I am pretty sure these folks might not be very pleased to have their noses rubbed on a daily basis. So, be mindful of such situations, and employ your inner ability to be caring and empathetic.

Of course, we need to look at the twelfth house itself and its ruler to judge the severity of this issue. So, I would kindly remind you again to stay tuned to receive all the latest scoop and be notified when the 12th house will be the main focus of the day!

Wish you loads of success and dreams come true!

Oh, and one last thing! I am really curious as to how your 10th lord in 12th house mother in law would be like. I imagine this placement to give her some quite intriguing traits, like being a bit secretive or too introverted. Or whether she is “hidden” in some way from other people. Leave me a comment below and let me know how that plays out in your life!

Upgrade your knowledge to become more successful!

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As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, your birth chart gives you a ton of information for you to consider when choosing your career path using astrology! The placement of your 10th house lord is just a tiny fraction of the whole process of chart interpretation! That is why I would like to forward you to one of the best books on this topic that would help you unlock all the well-kept secrets of your Midheaven – “Astrology of Success” by the amazing Jan Spiller.

This masterpiece will give you some awesome practical steps to analyze your horoscope for the sole purpose of finding your true vocation in life – the career that would have the greatest potential for success, fulfillment, high achievements, and a better social status! Jan Spiller will get you through the secret path of uncovering the meaning of your 10th house cusp sign, the placement of the tenth house lord in the zodiac, the planets and luminaries in your MC house (if there are any), as well the Lunar nodes located in your Midheaven. All of these details have to be taken into consideration for you to get the full picture of what’s possible according your natal chart!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology book series

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I am a huge proponent of analyzing your own chart in its entirety. This means that we cannot just skip the basics and go straight to the MC cusp, snap our fingers, and poof – we have found our best most suitable career path. As the popular meme goes – “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of it works”.

I will not get tired of repeating this – always, always, always keep the whole chart at the back of your mind and look for the dominant characteristics and repeating patterns. Moreover, your vocation will have to be congruent with your personality and your unique skills and talents. So, it is extremely important to start from the beginning and interpret your horoscope step by step, as these amazing authors suggest! Marion March and Joan McEvers have given us the ultimate algorithm for unlocking the immense potential of our birth charts in a concise and easy to understand way. That is why I love re-reading their textbooks often. And I would strongly suggest you garb them as well to get a better understanding of who you are and what you came here to achieve! And you don’t even have to get the whole series – the first three volumes are quite enough as far as natal chart analysis goes. Book 1 will give you the absolute indispensable fundamentals that we simply cannot go without – the signs and their archetypal characteristics, the houses, the planets and luminaries, as well as all the major aspects between them! These are the building blocks of your horoscope, and all further interpretation will simply fall apart if the foundations are not as strong. Book 2 goes deeper into this sacred process, and it will show you the meaning of the cusps of the astrological houses. Yes, these include the 2nd house (the house of our assets), the 5th house (the house of creativity), the 6th house (the house of your day-to-day job and habits), the 10th house, and the 11th house (your hopes and dreams come true), etc. Book 3 is also great and without a doubt it should be part of your personal astrological library! This is where you can get much more information on the placements of these house rulers to give you a much clearer picture of what’s possible. Furthermore, at the end of the volume there are some nifty guidelines for finding your best professional field! All these are absolute must-reads!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

I have a confession to make! As much as I love Jan Spiller, there are some key elements missing from “Astrology of Success” – the other houses in our horoscope. And as I like to re-iterate over and over again, we can’t simply take one astrological house and make our decisions only based on the information it shows us. The whole chart must be analyzed as a whole. That is why I would like to recommend this book by Brian Clack.

It is a wonderful addition and a practical supplement to the amazing works by Spiller! What “Vocation” manages to do is include some of the other important astrological houses in our natal chart. Some of these are the second house (we want to make money from our career, right?), the fifth house (something to stimulate our creative juices), and the sixth house (our daily job and habits have to be a reflection of our life-long professional path), etc. And that’s not all! Clark does some amazing job at giving us some valuable information on the placements of the personal planets and the Ascendant as well – our career have to be congruent with our personality and to employ our best skills and strengths, right?  I hope you now understand how vital it is to know the ins and out of your birth chart as the back of your hand!


NB! If you’re Midheaven ruler is located somewhere else, feel free to jump to the article dedicated to the other houses in the zodiac: => First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House | Fifth House | Sixth House | Seventh House | Eighth House | Ninth House, Tenth House, and the Eleventh House.

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