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Tahini Keto Cake (Tahini Halva Cake Recipe)

Tahini Keto Cake (Tahini Halva Cake Recipe)   Today’s suggestion is something I am really thrilled to share with you – a yummy tahini keto cake which is actually pretty close to the tahini halva recipe. Just a little background – the tahini halva is a dessert popular in the Middle East, some parts of Read more about Tahini Keto Cake (Tahini Halva Cake Recipe)[…]

Chocolate and Coconut Fudgy Homemade Vegan Ice Cream , DIY vegan ice cream, coconut vegan ice cream, chocolate vegan ice cream

Chocolate and Coconut Fudgy Homemade Vegan Ice Cream

  Chocolate and Coconut Fudgy Homemade Vegan Ice Cream   What is summer without ice-cream? And what about homemade vegan ice-cream? If you are suspicious of the most ice cream products on the market, there is always the option of making your own tasty summer desserts using trusted ingredients! And previously, in the vegan recipe Read more about Chocolate and Coconut Fudgy Homemade Vegan Ice Cream[…]

Protein Keto Cake

Protein Keto Cake (Protein Low Carb Cake) Are you trying to shed some extra fat following the keto diet but you are craving something sweet to indulge your taste buds? BTW, if you wish to learn more about the low carb diet itself and all of its wonderful benefits, you can read my testimonial on Read more about Protein Keto Cake[…]

This gluten free cherry pie is one of my favorite gluten free desserts for those following the celiac disease diet. If you have a gluten sensitivity or irritable bowel syndrome, this gluten free cherry cobbler is for you! Enjoy the cherry season with this tasty summer dessert which is a perfect gluten free breakfast, post workout snack, and a gluten free snack to nourish and energize your body! Do not miss this yummy cherry pie recipe! #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreedesserts

Gluten Free Cherry Cake

Gluten-free Cherry Cake   Finally! Cherry season is here! Whoop-whoop! I love these delicious red fruits packed with all kinds of healthy nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti-oxidants, and so much more! And the best part is – they are the perfect ingredient for all sorts of healthy gluten-free desserts! Yesss! And today I would like Read more about Gluten Free Cherry Cake[…]

low carb pumpkin cake, One of my most favorite keto desserts. This low carb dessert is easy to make, super delicious, and healthy! This low carb cake supplies us with healthy fats, complex carbs, and fiber rich fruits! This LCHF dessert is wonderful as a diabetic dessert and as an addition to any weight loss diet plan! You can use a pumpkin or a summer squash and sooth your sweet tooth craving without losing your weight loss progress! #ketodesserts #lowcarbdesserts #pumpkin

Low Carb Pumpkin Cake

Low Carb Pumpkin Cake   I know, I know – it is not exactly pumpkin season, but do not worry – nowadays pumpkins and squashes are available almost throughout the whole year. If not, feel free to pin this recipe to your Thanksgiving Pinterest board and come back to it later during the fall! 🙂 Read more about Low Carb Pumpkin Cake[…]